Michelle Obama and Ellen took a quick trip to CVS and Obama learned pretty quickly that Ellen is not someone you take shopping.

For The Ellen Show, the First Lady took a trip to CVS to get a taste of life after the White House.

The two try Coinstar for the first time and search for earbuds for Sasha. “You push the basket because nobody’s going to push it for you,” Ellen tells Obama as the two begin their shopping adventure.

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The trip goes from zero to 100 real quick as Ellen gets a little out of hand. She opens boxed wine and begins handing it out to shoppers, uses a megaphone to announce that “Shelly,” her nickname for the first lady, needs cream for a rash, and jokingly begins to read a woman’s pin number out loud at the ATM.

“This is not how you behave in a CVS,” says Obama. 

The two also look for the Obama’s October ESSENCE issue and at the end of the trip, with a cart full of stuff, Ellen admits she doesn’t have any money.

“I’ll be back, 2017,” Obama tells the manager as they exit the store, “I’ll be back, alone!”


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