Watch Elle Varner Ask For One More In Sexy New ‘Pour Me’ Video
If you’ve ever watched someone you weren’t quite sure about being more than friends with become booed up on social media, you can relate to Elle Varner’s new music video “Pour Me.” Click HERE to get tickets for ESSENCE Festival 2019, celebrating 25 years of moving the culture forward! The 2019 ESSENCE Festival performer returned back in January with this sexy single about what happens when you’ve had a few too many, and you’re feeling some type of way. Varner hooked up with the rap’s patron saint of situationships, Wale, to tell the story of a love that never was with the help of some slippery companions on the set of the video. “’Pour Me’ is about a missed connection that leads to thinking and drinking about an almost lover,” Varner told ESSENCE in a statement. “Sometimes we put someone in the friend zone and later realize we missed a good thing,” One scene features Varner singing atop a table in a classic little black dress as a yellow python sidles up and down her body. “The snakes were a last-minute addition the day of the shoot,” Varner revealed, ” but I said hey…let’s do it.” The end result was worth the risk. Watch the full video for “Pour Me” below.


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