In an Instagram post, Drake shared a message of support for those suffering from the devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused, writing, "Houston has truly been a home to me over the last 8 years." The rapper is working with local relief groups to assist those in Texas. 

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The rapper knocked it out of the park with a "Get Out' parody and Will Ferrell sketch.

Sydney Scott
Jun, 27, 2017

Monday night, Drake took the stage to host the inaugural NBA Awards, ready with a slew of jokes up his sleeve.

Drake kicked-off the show with a hilarious sketch that featured Will Ferrell in which they teach a couple NBA players the art of the handshake. 

"Guys, we've seen a lot plays from you today, but your handshakes…," Drake tells the players before Ferrell interjects, "Your handshakes aren't worth dog crap. If you score and your handshake sucks, we will trade you!"

Honestly, a good handshake is super important, you guys.

Drake also poked fun at Steph Curry in a hilarious Get Out parody, which featured the film's sidekick Lil Rel Howery as Draymond Green.

The sketch sees Curry's NBA championship victory cut short when he's sent to the sunken place by a fake Ayesha Curry.

It's not surprising that Drake would nail his duties as host. He's hosted the ESPYs and Saturday Night Live, killing it every time. And, we all know Drake's roots as an actor.

Hopefully, the rapper will get a call soon to host more award shows. Or, maybe he'll return next year to host the NBA Awards.