This story originally appeared in PEOPLE.

There’s no question that Leslie Jones is one of Saturday Night Live‘s most valuable players, but is she ready to take on a role of Trumpian proportions?

That’s the premise of a sketch on the late-night show’s episode this weekend, which was hosted by resident Donald Trump impersonator, Alec Baldwin. After marveling at how great Baldwin is at playing Trump (the president would beg to differ), Jones wonders if he will actually be able to play POTUS for the next four years because, “doesn’t he have like other stuff to do?”

And thus, an idea was born.

The sketch follows Jones as she prepares her Trump impression — studying the president’s press conferences and mimicking his most signature words (“tremendous,” “huge,” “Muslims”). She even ignores the advances of her “boyfriend” Kyle Mooney, a throwback to a previous sketch about the pair hooking up.

After her fellow cast members quiz her motives behind her drive to land the role — “So is this like a sendup on his fragile masculinity?” — Jones explains she just wants to give “America what it wants,” which apparently includes Jones in a blond swirly wig and terrifying blond eyebrows.

Sadly, the sketch doesn’t win over Lorne Michaels, but it does manage to impress a certain FLOTUS so much that she mistakes Jones for Trump.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays (11:30 p.m. ET) on NBC