WATCH: The Trailer For ‘Dear White People’ Is Proof That Netflix Might Have Another Hit On Their Hands

Fans of Dear White People will be happy to know that the series, adapted from the popular film, is set to hit Netflix this month and ESSENCE was lucky enough to be one of the firsts with a sneak peak at the upcoming show.

The trailer for the series is full of laughs, cringe-worthy moments, and few eye-rolling encounters that just about every Black person can relate to.

The satirical series focuses on students at a predominantly white Ivy Leacgue school, where racial tension is brewing beneath the school’s pristine surface. The students of Winchester University navigate various microaggressions, cultural bias, and social injustice with the series viewed through a millennial lens. 

The film’s writer and director, Justin Simien, returns to helm the project, with Brandon P. Bell and Marque Richardson returning to reprise their roles as Troy Fairbanks and Reggie Green, respectively. Logan Browning and Antoinette Robertson star as Sam and Coco.

Dear White People premieres April 28 on Netflix. 

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