Watch Dave Chappelle Talk About Doing Stand Up With LeBron James And His No Phone Policy
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Since his return, Dave Chappelle has been a hot topic. 

The comedian made his return to stand up with a Netflix special that dropped Tuesday and has been making the late night rounds recently.

Last night, Chappelle stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat with the host about his return to comedy and doing stand up with LeBron James. 

Chappelle and Kimmel joked about a recent show in Los Angeles, where Lebron and some of the Cleveland Cavaliers stopped by to see the comedian perform. “LeBron got on stage with me and did a few comedy bits,” Chappelle said, “he’s a funny dude.”

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The two also talked about Chappelle banning cellphones during his shows. Explaining why he made the rule, Chappelle said, “It became a thing where I walk on stage and I see a sea of cellphones, so I knew that anything I said in the room I was saying to everybody, whether they were in the room or not, which is not an empopwering feeling as a comedian. Like, fight club rules apply, what I’m saying to you I’d rather keep in the room.”

He added, “And, the other thing is, comedians need the element of surprise. So, if someone sees a joke that I’m doing before I get to their city, then I have to write all new jokes and I couldn’t write fast enough.”

Chappelle went on to discuss his stand up special, living in a small town, and his return to the spotlight. You can watch the full interview in the video above. 


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