Here’s The Post-Election Anthem Every Black Girl Needs To Hear
via YouTube
Need a pick-me-up? For DAVE + Sam’s “You Da Shit Girl,” artists Dave Giles II and Sam O.B. decided to give women the props they deserve. But the song, which we can’t stop listening to post-election, also has a dope and romantic back story — Dave wanted to create a song his wife could dance to. “She’s a fan of the my music, but she didn’t like that it was always sad and slow, so I wanted to make something she could dance to and feel empowered by.” With the new tune, the duo has created a thumpy dance jam inspired by Chicago’s house scene. “When we were kids they would play Dr. King speeches on the radio to a house beat. House was embedded in my early-90s upbringing in Chicago,” Dave told ESSENCE. Filmed in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the video includes Dave acting as a narrator for the protagonist as she walks through the storied neighborhood. Naima Ramos-Chapman, a dancer and artist, expresses her emotions through movement. Whitney McGuire, the star and director of the video, came up with the concept for the visuals, which include graphics by Nelson Nance. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. “I wanted to make it cool to talk about how wonderful your girlfriend or wife is,” says Dave, “I wanted something my wife could be affirmed by as well as entertained.” And the song comes right on time. The feel-good record was released last week after Donald Trump was elected President of the U.S., leaving many feeling vulnerable and upset. But one listen to this record is sure to change that, proving self-love and affirmation is what we need in these times. You can check out the video or listen to “You Da Shit Girl” on Spotify, Apple, and Soundcloud.


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