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Taraji P. Henson Glitters in Gold Inside Cookie’s Closet

Taraji P. Henson knows how to strut.
Taraji P. Henson Glitters in Gold Inside Cookie’s Closet
John Shearer

The World Series is over, which means Empire is back! With just three episodes left there’s no telling what outlandish twists and turns the show will take, but we know Lee Daniels and Danny Strong won’t let us down.

And we won’t let you down either.

As promised, we’re here to deliver another exclusive look at Cookie’s fashion closet. This week, Empire’s head of the household is glimmering in gold as she rocks a Michael Kors 3/4 sleeveless dress.  Accented with a series of metal rings that highlight her chest and wrap around her mid-section, Cookie’s fresh look roars like a lyoness.

But the outfit wouldn’t be complete without a few choice accessories.

Chuck Hodes/ ©2016 20th Century Fox Televsion. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to Stuart Weitzman, Cookie’s gold Courtesan Sandal brings her boss bitch persona to life. 

Make sure to tune into Empire next week, and come back to us for more exclusive looks from Cookie’s Closet.