Colin Kaepernick Denies Reaching  ‘Understanding’ With Travis Scott About Super Bowl Performance
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Colin Kaepernick is not in support of Travis Scott agreeing to perform during the Super Bowl Halftime show, despite a recent report claiming otherwise.

While other superstar entertainers like Rihanna, Cardi B and Jay-Z have reportedly declined offers to join the formerly-coveted Super Bowl halftime stage lineup in light of the NFL’s ongoing lack of support for Kaepernick and his fight against issues like police brutality and the systemic oppression of people of color in the U.S., Scott has decided to take the organization up on their offer.

News of Scott’s decision to perform was announced in December and was recently followed with reports that he “demanded” the NFL donate to a charity of his choosing in exchange. There were also reports that Scott had supposedly spoken with Kaepernick, and reached a “mutual understanding and respect.”

However, Kaepernick and those close to him quickly spoke out to shoot down claims of the two reaching any type of middle ground.

“There is NO mutual respect and there is NO understanding for anyone working against @Kaepernick7,” Hot97 radio personality and Kapernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Feddis, said in a tweet sent out on Wednesday.

Kaepernick later retweeted the message on his own Twitter page.

Kaepernick began speaking out against the NFL’s lack of support for social issues targeting communities of color in 2016, when he bravely knelt on the field during the playing of the national anthem at an NFL game.

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In an interview following the game, Kaepernick elaborated on his reasoning, stating that he wouldn’t stand in honor of the flag for a country that continues to “oppresses Black people and people of color.”

He has since continued his fight, creating the Know Your Rights campaign, and fulfilling his promise to donate a total of $1 million dollars to social justice organizations doing similar work in oppressed communities in 2018.

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