Coffee Talk: ‘Queen Latifah Show’ Gets Renewed for Second Season
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• Queen Latifah’s talk show was picked up for a second season. The talker debuted in September to strong numbers and remained the number one new talk show of the year—beating out Bethenny. “Unlike before, now it’s a set intention of what I really want to do,” said Latifah to the LA Times. “I’m in a different place in my life. I had a lot more zipping around the globe to do back then. I’m a bit more settled now, and I’ve learned a lot in life that has brought me to a place where I feel more comfortable in my skin.” [LA Times]

• Despite numerous reports and rumors that Chilli and Wayne Brady are dating, it’s simply not true. Chilli’s rep cleared up rumors that the pair were dating after allegedly being spotted holding hands in Las Vegas. “Wayne was actually hosting the event that TLC performed at in Vegas,” said the spokesperson. “Chilli and Wayne are friends but there is nothing else going on besides friendship.” [E! Online]

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• Rihanna and Latin superstar Shakira are set to release a new duet next week. The two teamed up for the lead single, “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” off Shakira’s upcoming album. It’s set to debut on January 13th and Rihanna’s navy has been going off the wall about the impending release. [E! Online]

• Oscar winner Mo’Nique is set to return to the big screen. The actress just signed on to star and co-produce Patrick Ian Polk’s new coming of age film, Blackbird. The story follows a young man who struggles with his sexuality while his family searches for his younger sister. Mo’Nique will play the boy’s mom, who has difficulty with her son’s sexual identity, and Isaiah Washington will play the boy’s supportive father. [Deadline]