‘Claws’ Premiere Recap: The Sisterhood Of Nefarious Nails
The bond between women is empowering and beautiful. And after watching the estrogen-tinged premiere episode of TNT’s newest drama Claws on Sunday night, viewers felt like the series is as strong and addictive as a fresh set of gel tips.   In case you missed it, Claws follows Des (star Niecy Nash) the owner of a nail salon that launders money for the Dixie Mafia. Roller (Jack Kesy) is Des’ connection to the underworld and is kind of her boyfriend. Uncle Daddy (Dean Norris, Breaking Bad) is Roller’s menacing uncle and boss and the one real threat to Des and her world of elaborate nails and big dreams. As the episode evolves, viewers learn that Des’ least liked and productive employee Virginia (a very entertaining Karrueche Tran) is also hooking up with Roller and spying on Des and her crew for him. Speaking of the crew at the nail salon, there’s Des’ bestie Jen (Jenn Lyon), her laconic bodyguard Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes, Scrubs) and the newly released-from-prison Polly, (Carrie Preston, The Good Wife and True Blood) the latter of whom loves designer brands and a good cat fight. At home, Des cares for her special needs brother Dean (Harold Perrineau). The predominately female cast is fun to watch and project a very relatable and believable sister circle that is easy to cheer for and love. Think Orange Is the New Black meets The Golden Girls. Kudos to Nash and company for their strong performances and executive producer and writer Janine Sherman Barrois for bringing the heat on what is arguably one of the best new shows this summer. And: The series is already drawing comparisons to Breaking Bad and that makes perfect sense considering the end of the installment when Des and Virginia become unlikely allies in a desire to stop Roller from causing more harm. He owed Des money and he abused Virginia and nearly killed her. So — spoiler alert — he had to die and that image of Virginia doing the honors is visually and conceptually one of the coolest scenes to ever play out on TV. What did you think of the Claws premiere and when is your next nail appointment?