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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] We've been together for years and right now we're gonna find out exactly how well we know each other. You want me to read it and then say- And then say, 1, 2, 3, tag. And then we gotta answer at the same time. So you say, hello what is Chrissy's talent? 1, 2, 3, tag and then hello stop being special. You got number one All right, let's go. It says what is Chrissie's hidden talent? [UNKNOWN] one two three, tag. I can cook. [LAUGH] What you was gonna say? I thought this was a family show. It is! He's not blurting them out, he's slow. He's special. [LAUGH] Okay, come on, come on. Let's start, let's start. What is Chrissie's height? What- What is Christy's height? One, two, three- No. 4 foot 8. [LAUGH] You just skipped like, what? I thought, [UNKNOWN] I'm 5 foot 3, okay? Get your [BLEEP] together. I mean, your stuff together. And you put an inch on your height. I am 5-3. You took inches from my height, don't play with me. What item of his or hers do you want to get rid of? His mother. [LAUGH] Just playing.>> Uh-ah.>> Who's the messiest? I am.>> We didn't have to count on that. What is Jim's biggest fear? One, two, three. Rollercoasters.>> The dentist.>> Yeah, okay. And rollercoasters. What is Chrissy's favourite curse word. One, two, three. [SOUND] [LAUGH] What is Jimmy's favourite food? One, two, three [BLANK_AUDIO]. It's one, two, three, [UNKNOWN] I'm winning, I'm waiting for you to say what's my favorite food. That I cooked or what you get outside. Spaghetti. Yeah, he likes spaghetti. If Jim could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be? One, two, three, Batman. Barrack Obama. You want to be a super hero or the president of the free world? Like what you want to do? Free world ain't **** without Batman. You was terrible with this. You didn't even know spaghetti? I knew because I made it. It took you more than three seconds to figure out if spaghetti was my favorite food Babe, can we do a talk show late night? I mean, you. The guest we would have [INAUDIBLE] All right. whatever. You finished? [BLANK_AUDIO]

WE tv's Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones Play Couples 1-2-3 Tag

We first met longtime couple Chrissy Lampkin and rapper Jim Jones on ‘VH1’s Love & Hip Hop.’ Now the love birds are headed back to small screens with WE tv's forthcoming show ‘Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never.’ On this week’s episode of ESSENCE Live, they literally put their love to the test with a hilarious game of couple's trivia.