Do You Think Chance The Rapper And Tamar Braxton Would Make Good Politicians?
Tim Mosenfelder
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There are a some celebs that we believe would make pretty good politicians, who are smart and charismatic enough to land our vote. Recently, a few people were asked who they think would make good politicians and the answers may surprise you.

Seattle Medium, an African-American newspaper that bills itself as “the largest African American owned and operated newspaper in the Pacific Northwest,” asked friends and readers to pick a celeb they’d vote for or believe would make a good president or politician. 

The answers ranged from Michelle Obama to snappy quips like, “I think any celebrity would be a better president or politician other than the one we have” — tell us how you really feel, Lisa Chamberlain!

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Jesse Williams, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Chance the Rapper, and Tamar Braxton were also listed as possible political figures. “Jesse Williams, because I believe Jesse Williams is confident in who he is as a Black man. He’s extremely talented and he’s well versed in politics and history, the political history of this country as well as the physical  history of what Black people have gone through,” Bonnie Wilson told the publication. 

With our current situation, we kind of have to agree with Lisa. Still, we’d love to know, which celeb do you think would make a good politician?