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[SOUND] Today on Essence Live, Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora, Lela Loren, and, yep, mm-hm, Omari Hardwick. The cast of Power is here, so send us your questions for them now. And we've got great looks that will help you upgrade your man's style. But right now, it's the Hot List. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [SOUND] The Emmy nominations were announced today and some of your favourite stars are up for awards. In the actress category, Viola Davis, Taraji P Henson, Kerry Washington, and Tracee Ellis Ross. And for the fellas, Mr. Idris Elba, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Courtney B. Vance and Tituss Burgess. Now that's some fierce competition the Emmy's will air September 18th but I'm putting my vote in right now for Tituss Burgess Mr. [UNKNOWN]. Who do you think deserves a trophy? [MUSIC] So does Jennifer Lopez get a pass or not? While promoting her new single with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the singer and actress tweeted the song's title Love Makes the World Go Round and #AllLivesMatter Now it's kind of understood at this point that anyone who says all lives matter is basically dismissing the black lives matter movement and black people's fight against racism. However, Jennifer has since deleted the tweet and removed the hashtag from a similar Instagram post. But, the The damage may have already been done. @Myeshaskye tweeted simply now, I gotta stop liking ya old ****. Well damn Myesha, okay. @FestiveCarey post on instagram, stupid idiot... gonna use black lives, art and genius to make millions, Then say all lives matter? But some folks are team J-LO on this one. YAGIRLTINYXO wrote, she posted that because the song is about the shooting in Orlando. The song is about LGBT rights you f***tards, so she was leaning towards that in this post. It doesn't mean, "I don't think she meant anything bad by it." Now what do you think? Hit us up on Facebook, or use the hashtag #SSLive to sound off. [MUSIC] The 2016 ESPYS were full of buzzworthy moments. Ciara and Russel Wilson made their television debut as husband and wife. Vanessa Bryant's baby bump hit the red carpet, and Chance the Rapper closed the show with a dope performance dedicated to the late great Muhammad Ali. But one of the biggest moments in last night's awards was when NBA superstars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, and Lebron James opened the show with a powerful call to action. Take a look. I know tonight, we'll honor Muhammad Ali, the GOAT, but to do his legacy any justice, let's use this moment as a call to action for all professional athletes to educate ourselves, explore these issues, speak up, use our influence, and renounce all violence And most importantly, go back to our communities. Invest our time, our resources, help rebuild them, help strengthen them, help change them. We all have to do better. Thank you. Definitely very powerful LeBron. Meanwhile, some on social media are calling out Michael Jordan for not speaking out about today's racism. So what do you think? Should Jordan join LeBron, D. Wade and the others in fighting injustice? Or are we expecting too much from our celebrities? Let us know. [SOUND] All right we definitely needed this laugh today in light of these tumultuous times, the good writers over at the Salt Collective have a theory that America is in on the verge of what they call a " black sit". Translation, if we don't fix racism soon black people may just move to another country. And just take all of our goodish with us. Such as number 14, cornrows. Or as the mainstream media likes to call them, boxer braids. Number 11, rhythm. Okay, I could see that. And number one, the NFL NFL, NBA, and NCAA football and basketball. While we're at it, can we just go ahead and add hip-hop? Double-Dutch, soul food, the whole shebang. All right, so this is your questions for the cast of the hit stars drama Power right now. Because we've got Naturi Naughton, Joseph Sikora, Lela Loren and yep, Omari Hardwick in studio next. It's Thursday, July 14th and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Welcome to Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair and we are streaming live on and Facebook so you know what that means. We want to hear from you. Send in your comments, questions and shout outs to our Facebook page right now, using the hashtag essencelive on Twitter and Instagram Or you can e-mail us at All right before we get this show started Kayla I wanna check in with you over there on Facebook. Hey. Hey, hey, what's going on? Okay, early shout out to Janice Carmichael for checking in. Shout out to missy Petina and Barbra [UNKNOWN] for checking in. Everyone says hello, they can't wait to speak to the cast. I know, I know y'all just can't wait to speak to the cast. Y'all not waiting to speak me. Anyhoo, for Tuesdays as of now, my guests have loved, laughed, sex, lied, and have manipulated each other on your television screens in their highly anticipated third seasons' returns This Sunday, July 17th. From the hit stars drama Power, please welcome Omari Hardwick, Joseph Sikora, Lela Loren, and Naturi Naughton. How are you? [CROSSTALK] I'm very excited. I have tons of questions. Thank you. Tons of thoughts, not just about the show. But before we get into that, all of your fans have lots of questions and we have a little game. For each and every one of you. This is called O Faces. This is a whole lot of sex and power. We like to just have a little bit of fun. So we're going to show you a picture of your faces and we're going to see if you can tell what scene it's from, okay? All right, O Faces, here we go. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Hello faces. And that's the sly fam, please feel free to play along from home or work, but we're not gonna tell anybody that you're watching from work, all right. So let's see the first clip. [LAUGH] Lelah, this one's for you. What is Angela doing? Is she having sex with Ghost, having sex with Greg, or crying about Ghost? C, because the necklace is a dead giveaway. The necklace, okay we'll see if she is right. Is it C? [MUSIC] [SOUND] [INAUDIBLE] All right. That is [INAUDIBLE]. So the next one. Let's see the next face. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay Naturi this one's for you. What is Tasha doing is she having sex with ghost, flirting with Sean, or is she at the spa with LaKeisha. Definitely, probably flirting with Sean. I remember she's coming out the shower and in he comes with the groceries and out she is with The goods. Often times after grocery shopping, right? Yes that happens. So I would say B probably. All right let's see. Is it B? [SOUND] Yes. You [INAUDIBLE] right answers. I know when I'm getting it Flirting with Shawn. Flirting with Shawn. Those eyes look at her. That's funny. [CROSSTALK] Wait, were you guys showing it? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] That is the moment. That's how I look at ice cream after I work out. I'm like, I earned these calories. [LAUGH] Yeah, right? I can do this. All right. Let's see the next clip. Okay, Joseph, this one's for you: What is Tommy doing, is he "snorting coke," "having sex with Holly," or "talking to his mom?" Wow It looks like "snorting coke" to me, I with A. You go with "snorting coke," all right, let's see the answer. The drumroll's so suspenseful. So You're talking to your mom! Boy, well I... What's funny is I was talking to my mom but I'd just snorted Coke. So it was like a two for one Yeah, yeah, yeah you know sometimes that happens with your mother. Through the control room their like he's right, he's right, he's right. Okay, so a technicality. Okay the next one. Let's check out our next clip. All right Omar. This is for you. What is Ghost doing? Is he having sex with Angela, arguing with Tasha or having sex with Tasha. There is a whole lot of sex options here. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I'm go gonna go with arguing with Tasha. He is going with arguing with Tasha, All right. What's the correct answer? Yeah. I support you on that. I support you [LAUGH] Okay, good job. She slapped the bejevers out of me. Is this Desi? Yes, it is. She slapped you? Yeah. Did that slap hurt? I told her to [CROSSTALK] Was she like back behind that one? Well at first I was just like ' '. [LAUGH] He was like 'if you don't slap me' so I had to really go at him. All right, so this is our final one and it's fair game for anyone to answer Okay. What is Kanan doing? Is he having sex with Jarita? Who is Tasha Smith Yelling at Shawn or C. Fighting with Ghost? Fighting with Ghost. No, he's having sex with Jarita. That's what I think. [CROSSTALK] The guys think fighting. Putting the plastic over my face. [CROSSTALK] What's the answer? Uh-oh. Boy. The suspense is killing me. > I know. Me too. [CROSS_TALK] [LAUGH] All right, everybody. Out there. If you wanna talk to the cast of Power. Send us your questions right now on Facebook or using hashtag Essence live on social media. Later on to the show, we'll have some handsome male models on deck to help you upgrade your man style. But right now here's a look at the red carpet for this week's VH1 Hip Hop Honors, check it out. [MUSIC] I'm excited to see Lil' Kim. That's why I'm here for to see. Like, who else am I here to see? [LAUGH] I'm honestly excited to see the whole show It's just dope to be here right now I'm really excited to see Missy. Yes I think it's amazing to have icons like Latifa, Salt and Pepper, Missy, and Little Kim be honored. It's a huge thing. [MUSIC]. It's male dominated field. You know, usually we get overlooked. So, I think it's great. Look at all this skin color. Like, who, don't love this. Like, like, come on. I just putting some magic on. You see what I'm saying? [MUSIC] What's up y'all? It's your girl E-V-E and you're watching Essence Live. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live. I'm your host, Dana Blair. And hanging out with us a little more today are Omari Hardwick Joseph Sekora, Mela Lauren, and [UNKNOWN] for the hit stars drama, Power. Thank you guys so much for staying.>> We are here. We are not going anywhere.>> With us here on ESSENCE Live. We are going to take some fan questions in just a few moments. Do not worry, we are going to get to that. But I am just going to go ahead. Go ahead and jump right into it. You guys have a extremely diverse cast. Have you ever been approached by a fan or fans that you don't necessarily think is a fan of your show, and they're going in on your characters and trying to discuss story lines with you? Yeah. Tell me about it. I was in London at I'm forgetting the name of the museum. The Tate, the Tate Modern. And someone from the Ukraine came in, and they knew everything. So I didn't see that one coming. Also just to mention real quick, Lucy Walters who plays Holly Was in Iceland, and she was at a convenience store in Iceland, and the girl behind the counter was so ecstatic to see her. How does that feel, to know- We are in 175 countries. Wow, I didn't realize that. 175. It's the number one show on the network, on Starz, and now that we are [MUSIC] Expanding out to other countries all over the world. Mm-hm. It means a lot. I had a woman on Delta. She was an older white lady. Mm-hm. From Texas. Mm-hm. I just did not expect it. She was like, I'm team Tasha. [INAUDIBLE] I was like, I didn't expect, I really didn't expect. I was on Delta and I was getting ready to go to sleep. And she was really nice so we had moments where, we get the most unexpected and unpredictable fans. I met an Israeli cat in the garage at Long Island City and he said, he didn't want a picture but he wanted a kiss What?>>Oh wow.>>On the cheek, he just wanted a kiss on the cheek.>>Wait, what? I need details.>>Right? Because when he first asked for a kiss I said, my reaction was your reaction.>>Right.>>He said no just on the, it is custom. So he kissed me on both, and said the show was phenomenal.>>That's awesome.>> [CROSSTALK] But 175 countries Cuz you know, we would expect that we're gonna run into some people that- Well then, in New York, I think I had like an older Hasidic man wait til I passed him, but I was still within earshot. And he's like, love the show. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Kelly you have some Facebook questions from fans for us. Questions are rolling in, so April Dawn Bailey said, is it hard being nude on set? Anybody can take that question. We answer this question often. It's definitely not. I think it's pretty. It gets pretty hard. [LAUGH] I mean I don't know. It's definitely not. Is it hard? Definitely not, but it is hard. Being naked, being nude is uncomfortable, it's a little awkward. However, we have a trust amongst each other in these intimate scenes, and it makes you know that we got each other's backs, so I think it helps with the awkwardness of it all. Plus, we have a really great report with each other, and there's a lot of mutual respect on the set, so we're looking out for each other. And there's a sort of amount of comfortably in that way that we know Nobody is to know, kind of, sometimes our crew can be like they're tight really like a family. Sometimes they'll make fun of this or make fun of that, you little be, specially for the fellows I think. Take in a little a bit but that also adds a familiar atmosphere of the set. Yeah. What are the secrets to a good sex scene? Good DP. First trust, first is number one. That's true. You said a good [CROSS-TALK] And a good TV show. Great editing, too. Great point. But I would say amongst the actors, trust, it has to be, you know what I mean? Just to be open, to really go there, because you're not really going there, so you have to go- There. There you go. Would you go there. There you go. Got it. Kaylee, you have another question for us? So, Barbara Reese wants to know, is there even a little bit of yourself in each character that you play? Ohhh, Omari answers this really well. If you guys don't mind me passing it to him. Okay. I would say the reason that Joe's passing, is because I said the other day, I thought it was important that Matori has stated that she's not like Tasha. I think it's very important that she states that because there's such a frenzy for the show that fanfare can become such that we actually are mistaken for the characters that we play. But my belief was that Starz did themselves a big service by casting four people And all the way down to our incredible cast of people that are close enough to the characters to be able to play. You've got to have elements to expand on. And then you're only ever you.>>True.>> It would be interesting though about that question to point, when she says that I think often about. Theatre and we come from the stage. Mm-hm. And I think about the fact a lot of people would probably love to or would fancy the idea of us switching roles. Like if we were a stage production. You're trying to mess me up. Does Ahmari have enough of Tommy. Does Joe have enough ghost in him. Does Lela have enough Tasha. That would totally mess up everyone's head who watches this. Well you know why? Because [MUSIC] To the point there is enough of us. Mm-hm in each one. In each character. Mm-hm. And so they believe that. They believe that us four. Mm-hm. We play these characters to a believe ability. I like that. Kayla? One more question. This is actually coming up quite a bit, about Tommy and Ghost making up. Rosaline Allen wants to know. Facebook? Spoilers. Spoilers. Well I will say this. I think that the old Eastern adage of men can never walk through a river twice for it is not the same river, nor is he the same man. That is great. You got a dropper, Jim. That is great. I think I think, that has to, there is a lot of that this season, because, it's gotten to a point that, it's almost like when people have to have chemotherapy to kill to kill everything to see what grows, and there is gonna be some of that with. Well put man. That was deep. That's deep, can we snap for Jewels for now? Ladies [INAUDIBLE] Characters do you think you'll all ever come together maybe? We will. I don't know what capacity. Yes I was going to say. The good thing is that all the fans want to see Tosh and Angela meet. I do. So you will have that and I'm excited for people to see the dynamic cuz they're both strong. Complex, smart and work with each other And like for that well for me is like Tommy's character is such a very big heart, Tasha is actually very calculating. Right, instead of just going with her instinct of being like I wanna F that ****, she is just like okay let me think, I got my kids to worry about, I got a bigger mom, I gonna make sure we don't get in trouble And then she asked like. And Angela actually doesn't have [CROSSTALK] Yes. And then. Like she loves Jamie. She actually doesn't have any beef, you know what I mean? Right. It's like realises her selfishness in the past. Which so many women that are in her position in real life as well. [UNKNOWN] I mean does not really Men always get dropped out of equation. It's a, you homewrecker, you. As a man I always think we need more male feminists and we need more females that champion men. If I could have a male feminist moment, it's to remind the world, well, why is just one person being called a homewrecker? I agree. I agree too. My friends and I talk about that quite a bit. I think that's such a good point. Definitely. Kayla, you have another fan question? Yeah, Gwendoline Owens wants to know, will the show resurrect any of the deceased characters? Wow. Well that would be like another kind of show. True. Supernatural. I mean, we're not a fan of, see, Walking Dead. Yeah, wonder what she means further? Once you're dead, you're dead. Resurrect. Can we bring Shaun back? I mean, I know y'all are out there like dang. He was killed. No, I mean, yeah, all right, p. No, he died. She said no he died. And I think that also kinda Forces that there are consequences for your actions. [CROSSTALK] Show it's a dangerous world. Agreed, agreed. It's a come back. You know whenever you get a script, I'm not sure how much time you guys have to sit with it for each episode. Sometimes not much. Do you ever disagree with the direction the writing room is taking your character? Absolutely. And is that a conversation? Sure, first amongst the Yeah. The different chapters of the cast, you know, the first chapter of the cast is probably the police, so, this conversation is amongst the 4 of us on this couch like, yo, did you? We talked we talk and, And then we go to. Cause you wanna check in am I being crazy neurotic? Right. We have our show running Courtney Kent, a shout out to Courtney who is our warned, who is a woman, who is a black woman, who really cares about us as actors and us as artist. So we are, it's nice that we can Go to her and say I'm kinda confused about the direction of where this is going, can you help me? And the good thing is that they all do support and guide us through those processes. Particularly now, [UNKNOWN], cuz we're living with them for three seasons. True, yeah. So we start to claim Even if, unbeknownst to us, subconsciously perhaps we're claiming an ownership over the characters, but she created the characters. Yeah. So there has to become this interesting conversation. Are their people in your lives that you pull from, I guess for your characters that you play? So much so [UNKNOWN] so much of guys that I have met along the way and some spent time with, some just met once You know when you come across a man with death in his eyes sometimes you're like wow I'm really scared. I usually cross the street when I come across someone. Yeah you know what [LAUGH] but you know what's interesting about that. You were scared when we got here. [LAUGH] She's like I'm scared too. Did she say that? I heard his voice and I said. I was like ok. She was like I don't think I can sit too close. You know what's interesting about that though too In. I didn't, and this is a shout out to what again, having enough of the character's traits or elements within the actress or actor aids in this thing that I'm gonna say. Joe brought up a point just now. Now that I didn't think about, he sees it as running across characters in life that have had a level of death in their eyes, that he's added to Tommy. But what Ghost loves about Tommy, is what Omari loves about what Joe brought to Tommy, which is, I see life in his eyes. I see constant optimism. Yeah. I see Ghost actually taking the road less traveled and trying to bring more death To his eyes, whereas, Tommy's like, yo, this is totally of life. Why would you not want to do this? So it's interesting that you see that because I see that you're wearing so much life. Part of that is because me, as a person, what I do bring in life, I'm generally a very, very optimistic person. Right, right. I mean I think they'll fight against type sometimes. Cause I also know I have a kind of weightyness or kind of brooding thing or whatever. So I always look for comedy and stuff. Because I know the brooding thing is gonna come across. And Courtney hired myself, Joe, Curtis, cuz she hired him as an actor. Retemy, all the way down, Andy Bean. Shane Johnson. Shane Johnson, Enrique. [CROSSTALK] All of these great, David Fomero, for sure. All of these, Did we say Antonio Ramos? Great male actors in the show, Dana, were hired for their brooding nature. [UNKNOWN] and Lela and many of the other female characters were hired for their tough exterior with that nice vulnerable inside. So it was our job, it was incumbent upon us to be able to fill in the colors that weren't necessary there on the paper. So it's an interesting point that Dale brings. Awesome. Kale do you have one more fan question? From Nicki Jackson, how do you handle the comparison between Power and Empire, because I love both? We handle it. Yeah, how do y'all handle it? We handle it because they aren't comparable. I think what I always say is why can't these two show Live and exist and co-exist equally being successful just because, why we're both. Brown faces. Urban show or with a black lead or with diversity on television. I think that's the quick way of just saying put them all in a box. I think, we're very unique, we're on cable, we have lots of great sex, that is a lot more in tense. We was like yes. And we have Spanish, you know. And not about music It's not about music but we also have diversity in the way that we have character, speaking spanish, expounding upon what New York City is about and it's about the diversity. Well said. And what I also wanna say is that I really appreciate the fact that you all are strong women and you have the vulnerability as well, and it's okay to show that duality. Yeah. Cuz as a female- Then shout out to- [CROSSTALK] Very good girl. I really do appreciate that. I also wanted to mention strength, and that's not really- And that's not- Not real. There's such a thing as soft power. I think people forget that and that's one of the things of the feminine that We miss in this society is our power. I definitely agree. And as we mentioned a little bit earlier in our hot topics, there's a lot happening in our country right now with racism, with Black Lives Matter movement. Will y'all tackle any of those issues in the third season? I think inevitably to the story time because all our characters brush up against society. And I think we see peaks of it in this season. [CROSSTALK]. Further. We feel like we'll go there further in the fourth season. Okay. But the third season, I would agree with Laila that we brushed upon it. Mm-hm. Also, I think that Courtney Kemp, the show's creator and head writer is so in touch Just really in truly she's just got her finger on the pulse that I think almost innately some of those topics will be in there. They have just, she's just woven. Part of New York, yeah. Right, it's part of the experience. It's just woven itself in there. So I think that even inadvertently some of those topics will come up. And we have a young actor in Micheal Rainey, Jr. who is the age, the gender. And the ethnic background of what these young brothers that are in America going through, so you kinda gotta go. I can sit and talk with you guys all day, I have tons of question as a fan, as a host. But Omari, Joseph. thank you. Marie, Leila, thank you so very, very much. Now I know you're not going to miss the premier, Sunday July 17th, power. 9:00 pm. Check your local listings, that's Eastern Standard Time, I believe. [LAUGH] You see that, you like what I did there? Coming up we're going to show you some new fashions to help you, help your man upgrade his style. But if you missed Essence's style festival, you definitely missed out. There was one man there, who had all the ladies gushing over him, take a look. He had Mr. Sue. Your grandma, do I've seen that guy? [MUSIC] So, tell us about yourself? Because all we know is suddenly online your picture is everywhere and people are calling you Mr. Steal Your Grandma. [LAUGH] Well, I could tell you the story recently started with this guy. He was a Facebook follower of mine. He saw some pictures that I took and he called me and said hey do you mind if I take some pictures off your page and post them on my social page. And I said sure, sure. I said well let me know what your gonna do first cuz I have pictures of swimming trunks. And so Wednesday I was at work minding my biz and he called me. He said Ervin. I said, yeah. He said, I think we have a problem here. [LAUGH] I said, what? He said I only posted the pictures for an hour, and you got 37,000 likes already. I said, what? My daughter that lives in California, she calls me. She said Dad, you're on Twitter. And I said, what? And she said, you're on Twitter and you're trending. I said, what? Trending, what do you mean? What does that mean? What does that mean, trending? So I get off the phone with her. I go back to him. He said, no, the numbers are growing. I think we started something. While I'm on the phone with him, I get another Facebook friend call from Nigeria. And he was so excited, he said my God is this Ervin Randle, I said yeah. He said my God, you're famous. You're famous. I said no. Are you a celebrity? I said no He said, well, your picture's over here and it's circulating. I said my God, my God. [LAUGH] Then I said, wow, what good can come of this? He said, you better be ready for my brother. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Are you ready? You ready. I am ready. I am ready. This is good. Yeah. This is darn good. Yeah. I'm so happy that I could do this as an older man to show good, good quality that's coming. Towards the other young men. And older men. Yeah. That just can't happen. I love it. We love having you here. Thank you so much. And hope you have a great time this weekend. Thank you so much. I love coming to the Essence. One year I came here. nobody didnt know me. So, now, Everywhere. I'm really enjoying this. [LAUGH] Everyone's like, Mr. Steel your grandpa? [LAUGH] Yes, yes, yes. Thank you. Nice to have you. This is Mc Laret and these are your comments. [MUSIC] Mr Steal your grandma visits ESSENCE Festival. Come here daddy, you need a new boy toy with you'll fine ****. Wow What? This is really weird. Yasss he can definitely get it lol. Damn he fine! Lmao! Lmao? Mm-hm. Hey, hey you're watching Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair. Now ladies we're always giving you fashion tips and tricks. But now it's time we show the fellows a little bit of love. Today we're going to show you how to style your guy whether you're heading to the beach or just having a really nice evening out. Here to help is Essence fashion assistant Avon Dorsey. How are you? Hey. I'm great. How are you? I'm fabulous. Welcome to Essence Live. [LAUGH] Thank you. My first time. Your first time. I feel blessed. I feel excited. We're going to have a good time. I know you have some good looks for us, but before we get started, I think every woman's been in a situation where she doesn't know how to upgrade, if you will, her husband, her boyfriend, her bae, and kinda help them sass up his look a little bit. Any tips for how to have that conversation? Yeah, I mean it's very easy. Just approach it casually if you have a favorite celebrity or athlete that you admire and you want your guy to look like that show him pictures, show him the internet. Hey, babe look let's try this look. But don't push him to far cuz guys are little different and they like to take their own pace Toward, you know, get a more sway- So my approach of like cleaning out his closet and put, that's not gonna work? Don't do the angel of acid, don't burn the clothes, just step by step. And we're gonna show you today some easy tricks and tips so, you know, get your guy the way you want him to be. All right, awesome. All right, Avon, so what's our first look? We have James. He's beach bound. He is wearing a pair of bamboo Sunglasses from Woodzee. He's wearing a pair of Tommy Hilfiger shorts, the belt and bag. Okay. And he also has on a pair of leather sandals from Pikolinos. This looks like a very easy relaxed look. It's an easy look. These shorts, they're convertible. Okay. So they are regular shorts that you can wear with a shirt, tee shirt, but you can also take the shirt off and hop right in the pool. That's a really nice bag, a bag that I feel like I could possibly take Well, see, you know what, this bag is good. And, guys, don't be afraid of tote bags, because you don't want to do the everyday gym bag. This Tommy Hilfiger bag is $199. It's very inexpensive. You can just throw all your gym stuff, basket balls, shorts, shoes, into the bag and It looks like it'll carry a lot. Right. And just go Awesome this is a very nice look. Thank you so much, James. Next up we have a street style look. So here we have Jamar. He has on a block letter baseball cap from True Religion. Mm-hm. He has on a racerback t-shirt and sweatpants drop-crotch from Mm-hm. He also has on this dark baroque. Print backpack from MCM. And a pair of Huarache Ultra Nike Air Sneakers. And I like that this is sweats but it's like refined sweats. The sweats are nie because they are tailored. Mm-hm. They're not baggy, they're not hanging off the **** cuz we don't wanna see that. [LAUGH] No, no [UNKNOWN]. So the sweats are great and guess what, the prices are good. The t-shirt That shirt is only seven dollars. Sweatpants are 20 dollars from [UNKNOWN] .com. So you know, it's an easy and affordable way to get your guy motivated. [UNKNOWN] Right. I really like this one. Now our third look, now this is really sleek and clean, I really like this one. This is Brian and he has on our Preppy, daytime look. This is a Tilly baseball cap from He's wearing an Oxford shirt and Chambray shorts from Sonoma, available at Kohl's and he has on a pair of Court Star sneakers from Puma. Those are classic sneakers. They go with everything. All white sneaker. Mm-hm. Off white palette, with the blue and the It's not necessarily the same fabric, but it mixes and matches well. I really, really like this a lot. And I like that you have the little pattern play. And I feel like these pieces will work well with other separates, so they're not hard to mix and match. They're not. And this is stuff that's right in the closet. So guys, you You may have something that's already like a work shirt. You can cut the sleeves off and make it short sleeve. I mean the shirt is only $44, and the shorts are $40 at Kohl's. You know what I mean? So stuff that you can mix and match. Put a belt on, put on a pair of sunglasses. I love the sunglasses, they're Dita. So it's stuff that guys probably already have that they don't know. Mm-hm. And you can go in- Put it together. Put it together. I like that, thank you so much. All right, and for our next look, ooh. Final look, our classic man. This is Cameron, he is wearing a suit from Michael Strahan collection. As well as the shirt is from Michael Strahan, as well. All right, shout out to Michael Strahan. JC Penney's, all available there. He has on a lavender luminoso hand crochet pocket square from Sebastian Cruz. I love that. He has on A pair of Boyle Wingtip Oxford Shoes from Aston Gray. And in his hand he's holding a leather-bound day planner from [UNKNOWN]. Now tell me about the cuff, I'm really liking the cuff this season. Now the cuff thing is always in. Okay. But summer time is more appealing because it's hot outside. You don't want to have on thick socks, you want to roll it up Show off the shoes. And a pair of wingtips like this with the brogue detail, it's awesome. He's going to a wedding. He's just getting out of the office, getting into Uber, ready to meet you. And go someplace fabulous. Right, easy breezy. I like it, you look fabulous. Can we have all of our models come back out? Yep, I like it. I'm shopping. I'm perusing. I mean, they look amazing. Again, don't push a guy to the edge. Give him a little bit of encouragement. Show him pictures. Show him this. Mm-hm. And, I mean, there's a look for every guy. There's street style. There's preppy. There's beach bum, athletic, and classic man. You know what I mean? Yes, thank you so much Avon. Thank you to all of our models. Ladies, what do you think? I know what you're thinking. I know. Would your male look great in any of these pieces? Keep leaving your comments and we'll check back in with you a little bit later on in the show. Don't go anywhere because our Black Girl Magic Moment of the Week is coming up. But first here's a sneak peak at Essence's new docu series exploring issues in the African American community. [MUSIC] The women gather because it is not unusual to seek comfort in our hours of stress It is not unusual that the old bury the young though it is an abomination. It's media coverage that has been flat. It's media coverage that's been focused on just a few interactions. But if all we really care about is how sensational it is on six o'clock news That's actually our fault. [MUSIC] Use your power. Don't give it up. Don't lose it. Turn this country around each and every day. This generation put Barack Obama in the White House. How do you go back and sit and home and say, well hell, I can't do nothing? A movement that could empower, empower individuals, empower communities To begin to speak up and to raise our voices collectively. I've partnered up with these naturopathic doctors. And now I've co-founded this program called the 90 Day Hope beyond Fibroids Elimination Program. You have power to not only eliminate these issues but prevent them from coming back. We both became inspired by Detroit because of its history. And because of its people and their resilience. That's why we're here. Detroit is a unique place. It's a place where you can develop. You can actually invest in neighborhoods and the people who benefit the most are the people who are there initially. Liberation of black women necessitates [MUSIC] The liberation of all people because it is only when the black woman is free that then everyone else can be free. That is the essence of America. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] You're watching Essence Live. I'm your host Dana Blair and it's now time for our Black Girl Magic Moment of the Week which goes to Diamond Reynolds and her young daughter. After witnessing the unthinkable murder of her boyfriend Fernando Castillo, Diamond stops by The View and told how her daughter continues to sustain and inspire. Fire her and warning your gonna need to grab your tissues right now. She's had a few. She doesn't call them nightmares. She calls them God dreams because she says that no matter how many people says that Phil is dead she believe Believe that he's still alive, and I believe that he's living through her. Ever since birth I felt like she was an angel. So she says things to me like mom, Phil says this. Or mom, Phil says that. Or she'll say mom, I'm gonna make Phil some soup because that's gonna make him feel better and come back. And so just her being so strong and being able to Soothed me and me soothed her. I just tell her that she wants justice as well as myself. She's a very smart little girl and she's strong. And she cries but she tells me mommy, don't cry, you're going to make me cry. So every time I cry, I try to wipe them as soon as possible, because I know if she sees it, she'll cry. So that's It's what also made me stay calm, is because of her.>> Now that is definitely, definitely, some Black Girl Magic moment for you. Diamond, we love you and continue to pray for you and your daughter. And remember, you can watch Essence's original Black Girl documentaries at All right. It's the time again to check in with you guys out there in the social media world. Kayla, what do you have for me? Hey! Well fans are still gushing over the Power cast. Of course. And they're also weighing in on the hot list. So, as far as the EPSYs, the EPSYs, the NBA players are taking a stand in the name of Black Lives Matter. Dean McManus says, I'm so proud of our NBA giants. Yolanda Laurie says, about time. Marsha [UNKNOWN] says, speech, great. Guys looking good, wonderful. Now, I'm gonna need some type of law pass protecting all black lives in the U.S. A couple of more comments coming in in regards to the Emmy nominations, Daisha Williams says, black excellence in acting. Love it. I'm pulling for Courtney B. Vance. He was phenomenal as Johnny Cochran. And, Nadia Debra says, yes. They all deserve. They keep up the good work. Hashtag black magic, hashtag our work matters. Nice. I love to hear from each and everyone of your out there. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, thank you for being a part of our show. Thank you to the cast of Power and all of our guest for coming through and you, our wonderful viewers. And of course my girl, Kayla over there [UNKNOWN], watching us live out there on Facebook, from your mobile device, your laptops, from work You know. We know who you are. We're not telling. If you missed any of today's show including those fine male models who stopped through for our fashion show you can catch the replay shortly on and see all of our videos on our YouTube page. Next week it's the return of slade or shade. Plus we may play a little fun game with The Ladies of "Survivor's Remorse". Trust me, you do not want to miss this. I'm Dana Blair and I'll see you next week.

The Cast of 'Power' Talks New Season on 'ESSENCE Live'

On this week's episode, the cast of hit Starz show 'Power' dished on the new season, Mr. Steal Your Grandma talks about his new found fame, and Essence contributing fashion assistant Avon Dorsey gives tips on keeping your man fly this summer and more!