‘The Carmichael Show’ Cut An Obama Joke Because The Audience Was Too Shook
Jonathan Leibson

NBC’s The Carmichael Show is a must watch series.

Starring creator and comedian Jerrod Carmichael, the show explores the realities of being Black in America with wit and stellar comedy, “The show comes from a place of truth and dives into current events,” Carmichael told an audience at the recent Vulture Festival. 

However, there was one moment when a joke didn’t quite land as expected. 

During a panel with the shows cast, David Alan Grier, who plays Carmichael’s dad on the series, revealed an a joke about former president Barack Obama was cut after the audience was left shocked beyond words. 

“Jerrod thought it would be funny to run in and say, ‘I just heard Obama got shot’ and the whole audience just left us.”

Luckily, the show does two tapings of every episode, as Carmichael feels it keeps things fresh, “You know the audience is lying to you if you have one audience,” so on the second taping Carmichael referenced Oprah Winfrey being shot instead, which apparently was much less traumatic for the audience.

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