Cardi B Inspires ‘Coronavirus Remix’ And The Internet Is Here For It
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The Internet is ready for a remix—even in the face of a global pandemic. 

Last week, via an Instagram video, Cardi B shared that she was “a little scared” due to all the new cases of COVID-19 popping up around the country. According to The New York Times, there are almost 1,000 cases of coronavirus in Cardi B’s New York City hometown.

Everything the Bronx rapper does has colorful twist to it, and her fans favorite part of that IG clip was when Cardi said, “Coronavirus, coronavirus, s–t is getting real.”

While you were Googling how to make homemade wipes, Brooklyn’s DJ iMarkkeyz hopped in the lab to create the “Coronavirus Remix” and released it on iTunes on Monday.

After learning about the remix, the rapper hopped on social media with a simple directive: “Stream, I guess.”

The single’s rapid success shocked the Afro-Latina, who noticed when the song jumped from No. 96 on iTunes’ Hip-Hop/Rap chart to No. 11.

“I’m glad yaaa having fun. Make sure you Lysol your p*ssy before you Pop It,” she captioned her IG photo of the song’s latest position on the chart.

“Coronavirus Remix” continues to climb the charts. Currently, the bop is No. 5 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap chart and No. 18 on iTunes U.S. Songs. And it didn’t take long for the dances to pop up to accompany the song featuring the Grammy winner’s distinctive voice.

Per Cardi’s tweet, her new music was delayed because of the pandemic. So for now, enjoy “Money,” “Press” and, of course, the “Coronavirus Remix.”


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