For ten years Bresha Webb has been giving you role after role on television shows like Weeds, Grey’s Anatomy and Truth Be Told. But her new role in Marlon, is probably the most like her energetic personality.

“Well Essence Atkins plays his ex,” she told ESSENCE about the show based off of Marlon Wayans’ real life. “I play her best friend who’s always giving her bad advice. I don’t have any kids. I want her to move on and just dust her shoulders off with this whole Marlon situation. I think that’s where a lot of families can relate because everyone’s not like the Cosby’s anymore.”

As proud 80’s baby, Webb is excited about the show for taking a millennial glimpse on what the anatomy of family looks like in the 21st century — and she’s also excited about developing her character, Yvette.

“There are so many villages now that go into raising a child, so we are a part of that village. This is a show that everybody can watch. I had fun developing the character — I kind of combined Jackée from 227 in her sass, with a touch of K. Michelle.”

While the 30-year-old can relate to Yvette in her single, sexy and free personality, she does admit that her childhood was very different than what you see on Marlon.

Performing since childhood, Webb attended Baltimore School for the Arts before going to California Institute of the Arts on a scholarship. Her father sings gospel professionally and her mother was a dancer, so having the creative bug always made sense.

“Sisqó, I used to do splits with him,” she admitted about growing up in Baltimore. “I was a little girl and used to always do splits. That’s Baltimore for you, everybody just be on the stoop like, ‘What can you do today?'”

Webb hopes Marlon will make people laugh, but continue to push the agenda of more diversity in Hollywood.

“I’m really excited about all of these really black shows because we’re so complex as a people, and so to show that, I want to see more shows like that — like a Friends with Asians.”

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