Essential Pop Culture Gifts For The Bougie Friend On Your List

Sydney Scott Nov, 20, 2017

Holiday shopping can be tricky. Everyone has someone in their life who’s a little difficult to shop for because they’re either a bit hard to read or pretty bougie. We can help with the latter.

Got a bougie friend on your Christmas list who’s obsessed with pop culture? Here are a few essentials gifts even they won’t snub their nose at. 



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You may not live in Moore Manor or Chateau Shereé, but you can have a little taste of the Housewives life with this Georgia shaped cutting board. 

available at Amazon $34.95 Welcome To The Chateau

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Everyone knows a Regine and this is the perfect gift for them.

available at Etsy $10.00+ Purchase

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Yes, Scandal is coming to an end, but this gourmet popcorn will pair well with wine when you're ready to binge the show again on Netflix.

available at Amazon $25.00 Get Poppin'

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This is perfect for Parks & Rec fans who aspire to live like Donna and Tom.

available at Etsy $9.95 Treat Yo Self

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Celebrate the bougiest of them all with this perfect pin.

available at Etsy $4.00 Pin It

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This B.A.P.S print will look perfect in your bougie friend's home.

available at XPayne $20.00+ Get It

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Royal Blakk

Bougie people love to post pics with #melanin on Instagram. Throw in a dad cap with "melanin" in Martin-inspired font and you've got the perfect gift. 

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My Lit Box

My Lit Box is the perfect subscription service for your bougie friend who loves subscription services. This one sends subscribers a newly released book by a writer of color every month with a few book-related goodies. 

available at My Lit Box $17+ Read It

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A bougie icon, this Hillary Banks iPhone case is a great stocking stuffer. 

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Or, if you're dealing with a Carlton fan, this sweater will do the trick.

available at Depop $10 Rock It