For years, Terry McMillian’s books have been revered by readers both young and old. Having sold millions of copies worldwide, the #1 New York Times bestselling author’s books are now receiving new packaging, thus exposing this literary icon to a new generation.

“I was completely energized when I first saw Brittany Harris’s updated, colorful, hip, and sexy interpretations of the characters in my novels,” McMillian raved. “I might read them again!”

Illustrated by Brittany “Bee” Harris, these updated covers are now available on all the e-books and on the trade paperback editions of How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Getting to Happy, and Waiting to Exhale.

Harris’ usage of abstract shapes and bold colors highlighted the Black femininity that was the central theme for McMillian’s popular books.

“I felt honored, excited, and in disbelief that Penguin Random House considered me for such an important project,” Harris said. “The works of Terry McMillan have touched my life and every Black household I know, so to be included in the repackaging of her books makes me feel directly connected to an important piece of Black culture and history.”

 “Through my process, I wanted to capture the essence of each story and the original book covers while shedding light on my personal style through shapes and color,” she added.

Dominique Jones, the designer for the new covers, also spoke about the excitement of being able to work with McMillian, as well as her own special connection to this project.

“When I was first introduced to working on this repackage series, I had just finished It’s Not All Downhill From Here and being a fan of Terry’s work since watching the 1995 Waiting to Exhale, I was in shock,” Jones stated. “It’s always an honor to work on any project but it’s different when you feel connected to the story, but importantly being seen.”

Take a look at the 8 new covers for Terry McMillian’s books below.