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Guys, we are here, and it's a dream! That crowd and 100% humidity ain't like no dream I ever had. Yeah, you know what? You didn't have to come. Yes, I did. I rented the place on airbnb, and I'm making a killing too. Hey, guys, guys. What ride are we gonna ride first? I think the faster, the better. I want something that's gonna give me that same rush I feel when I drink after a random Coworker. I can't wait to do Space Mountain. Actually, friend, you're gonna have to wait. What do you mean? Space Mountain has a height requirement. Here's a map I pre-marked. It's for someone with your humiliating shortness. Small World, Dumbo? I don't wanna do baby rides. Then get ready to enjoy 43 square miles of restaurants and bathrooms. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

'Black-ish' Season 3 Clip: Diane Is At Her Shadiest At Disney

The Emmy's may be over, but Fall TV is just beginning with the return of Black-ish. Premiering this Wednesday, Sept 21, season 3 kicks off with a family trip to Walt Disney World as Bo, Dre, Dre Jr. Zoey, The Twins, Ruby and Pops return for another season of laugh-out-loud moments.