Fans were here for what Black Twitter deemed the ultimate Verzuz matchup, Battle of the Dogs: DMX vs. Snoop. 

There were too many highlights to name here, including DMX kicking off the session with a prayer (and making Snoop put down his blunt), Snoop’s epic and meme-worthy dance moves, the rappers’ freestyles and the love and camaraderie displayed by both men.

Who said rap was a young man’s game? X and Snoop took old-school hip-hop heads down memory lane with their extensive playlist and if folks weren’t working from home or furloughed, they’d probably be fake coughing on the phone because they need a sick day to recover from the virtual party. Good vibes only was the mood and if your bad knee forced you to play the loveseat, that was okay.

The general consensus was that Snoop didn’t win, nor did DMX, but rather last night was a win for the culture. Two million people watched via Instagram Live, including the folks at NASA.

In case you weren’t watching your Twitter feed on your secret cell, we rounded up a few of Black Twitter’s reactions to the Battle of the Dogs.

And what’s a hip-hop concert without a thoughtful shout-out?

If you didn’t bark, even if you sounded like a chihuahua, at least once during the battle, then clearly there was something wrong with you. 

Or if you weren’t grooving like X, then someone should swipe your train pass.

It was just the right amount of growling to have you bust up in today’s marketing meeting.

And if you rep the left coast, you know you were acting up when Snoop dropped his 1993 hit, “Nuthin’ but a G Thang.”

Or maybe it was time to show the kids how Ruff Ryders roll.

We bet everyone is home today watching Baby Boy and Belly.

How can Verzuz top this? Timbaland and Swizz, we’re looking at you.


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