Black-ish Recap: ‘The Elephant In The Room’
The word “Republican” is not only bad in the Johnson household, it’s a word Rainbow and Ruby had a hard time comprehending when Dre attempted over and over to tell them Junior is one. That’s right. Junior joined the Young Republicans club at school and sent his whole household into a tizzy. But the Johnsons weren’t the only ones up in arms. While some viewers applauded the way Wednesday night’s Black-ish explained why a good majority of black people dislike the Republican Party, others were highly offended. There were those who loved the tongue-in-cheek approach:   AND:   Then there were those who felt like Black-ish failed them and black Republicans:     Whoa. And we thought Dre’s fear that Junior would be on Real Time with Bill Maher as the face of the Republican Party was extreme.   Calm down, everyone. Junior joined the Young Republicans for a girl. He also added that black girls don’t usually like him but this girl did. When Dre found out Junior was motivated by romance AND that the girl was black, he lightened up on his anti-Republican stance – if only for a day.   After that, Rainbow and Dre met Junior’s new boo Hilary’s parents and quickly butted heads with them over their political views. The best part of the meeting, other than the bacon tarts Dre was obsessed with and the mom infuriating Rainbow for insulting working mothers was seeing guest star Bumper Robinson (Sabrina, The Teenage Witch) play the role of Hilary’s dad. Dre’s bacon analogy was pretty darn funny, too.   In the end, Junior met a new girl – a liberal – and left the Young Republicans. Too funny. Other highlights: Diane’s nickname “Burkel,” Zoe becoming a nerd because of her glasses, Dre and Charlie explaining what an Uncle Tom is to their white coworkers and Bo and Ruby hugging. What was your favorite Black-ish moment this week and how did you feel about the show’s humorous look at politics? Weigh in below: