Beyoncé Protegé’s Chloe and Halle Talk ‘Lemonade’ and Exciting New ‘Sugar Symphony’ EP
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Like everyone else in the Beyhive on April 23, two sisters sat on the floor of their living room, glued to the television, tuned into HBO, anxiously awaiting the debut of Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Only difference between these two sisters and the rest of the world? They were actually in Beyonce’s Lemonade. If that isn’t #BlackGirlMagic for sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey, then what is? 

The ever talented sister-singing duo, who are 17 and 16 respectively, were magnetic as a few of the many faces seen on screen in “Freedom” but it was a behind-the-scenes experience that have the young prodigies still living on a high. 

Chloé and Halle Bailey Talk Working With Beyoncé

“For me I would just say, the powerfulness of all of us being together and the beauty that we all shared of being young Black women,” said 16-year-old Halle. “It was just so great to be there and be in that same space. You felt something magical in the air so it was just wonderful, we were all just hanging out laughing and joking and it was great.”

The video which featured fellow beautys Zendaya, Amandla Stenberg, Quvenzhane Wallis, Winnie Harlow and the Mother’s of the Black Lives Matter Movement had us all in awe–and understandably, the young singers too. 

“It was really fun just being around all those incredible women,” recalls Chloe. “We got an email saying Bey wanted us in NOLA because we’re going to film something and we were excited!” 

When Bey calls, you answer. 

Flying out to shoot in New Orleans isn’t the only call Queen Bey has placed to the Bailey’s. After signing them to a million dollar deal with her label Parkwood Entertainment, she’s also given them the tools to fully pursue their dreams. 

That’s exactly what they’re doing with their new EP, Sugar Symphony

our ep #SUGARSYMPHONY is out now everywhere!! get it now 🌸🌸 link in bio

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In their music debut, which features their first single “Drop,” the sisters present a 5-track experience that melts together their honey-like harmonies and their appreciation for the beats and bass lines found in their Atlanta roots. 

“The sounds–they aren’t commonly used how we put them together. It’s something different and fresh. I’m just excited to put art out there and you know, I don’t expect much but I would love if people enjoyed it,” Chloe said. 

We’re so sure that people will, because if nothing else, the Bailey sister’s have Bey in their corner always pushing them to stay true to themselves and it shows especially in the presentation of their fine-tuned craft. 

“She’s always told us to just believe in ourselves and to continue being our natural beauties and that is really a big staple for us, just letting our inner light shine,” noted Halle. “She always reminds us to just keep doing that.”

Sugar Symphony is now avaliable for purchase on iTunes. Check out the video for “Drop” below. 


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