‘Being Mary Jane’ Recap – Season 4 Episode 8: A Win-Win Situation
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There’s probably nothing more nerve-racking than meeting the ex-lover of your partner. But if anyone would be up to the challenge it’s Mary Jane Paul (Gabrielle Union). 

The 39-year-old stepped into the ex-zone Tuesday night, meeting Zoe, Lee’s (Chiké Okonkwo) vegan, former model ex-wife for the first time. And to her complete surprise, the two were chumming it up like best friends. It was so bad the waitress assumed MJ was the couple’s guest. Lee reveals he still loves her and that they broke up because she cheated. So the looming question remains; why aren’t they together?

After a comedy show, where Lee tells a joke about meeting MJ’s mother and admitting he doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage, it all weighs down on MJ. “This is a lot, Lee. This is a lot for all at once,” she says.

A trip to an expensive boutique where Zoe plants a big kiss on MJ uncovers it all. Not only is Zoe a lesbian, she’s happily in love with her young model girlfriend. Sigh of relief, right? 

At work MJ was still in the dog house with Justin over not revealing the source in the supreme court judge nominee scandal from last week. But eureka! MJ found the clerk who was Justin’s source and was just about to confront her, when Justin pops up at the courthouse. 

He stops her and tells her the actual source is willing to talk. MJ and Justin go to her hotel-room-house to wait on the source who’s a man that was allegedly wrongfully imprisoned by a racist judge McCallister. While they’re waiting, there’s a subtle hint of sexual tension between the two as MJ and Justin try to figure out why they don’t get along.

But before it gets too deep, the source arrives. He agrees to do a sit-down interview and all three head to the studio. On camera he tells MJ that he was a young kid when the case happened. McCallister had a bone to pick with him for previous misdemeanors. “I was in prison for who I was, not what I did,” he says. 

After, Justin tells MJ she needs to fight to keep this interview out of Ronda’s (Valarie Pettiford) hands— and more importantly, he’ll back her up either way. 

Although Kara (Lisa Vidal) feels some type of way about this new alliance, Justin actually comes through. The stand-off scene when MJ and Justin threatened to leave is epic, mainly because it worked, and Ronda leaves the room fuming. Kara on the other hand is happy for her friend, “A win for you, is always a win for me.”

Kara is also happy because she realized after telling Orlando (Nicholas Gonzalez) to stop Snapchatting her son, that this fling could be something more special. The two talk about it and the idea of being in a relationship is now on the table, despite Kara’s hesitation about dating a young playboy athlete. 

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In PJ (B.J. Britt)  land, the little brother of MJ is still dealing with his fling from last week with his college crush. Ava, his boss’s problematic daughter, secretly got photos of the two having sex and will use it for leverage if he doesn’t allow her to have a party while her mother is out of town. “My mom is in love with you,” she says as the damning leverage to convince him. With little fight, PJ agrees and in his genius, puts on a silent headphones house party that was going great… until a girl ODs from a pill she popped. Ava’s mother/PJ’s boss finds out after paying “six-figures” for the girl’s hospital fees. PJ owes up to the party and apologizes but when his boss tries to kiss him, he realizes Ava was right. And just like that, he walks away from her as a client.

Everything seemed to be ending on a good note with our main characters, until a bomb is dropped. At their last dinner MJ, Lee and Zoe enjoy drinks when Zoe feels comfortable enough to ask a question. After seeing how happy Lee and MJ are she thinks it’s the best time to ask, “Lee would you be me and my partner’s sperm donor?”

And with that, we’re left frazzled and wondering what his response will be next week. 


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