In 13th, the Oscar-nominated director trained her lens on African-American history by exploring how the abolition of slavery paved the way for the prison industrial complex. As the first Black woman to direct a film with a budget of $100 million, which features an ethnically diverse cast, she cements her status as a necessary champion creating art that affirms us all.

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The documentary will focus on America’s public education crisis. 

Sydney Scott
Aug, 16, 2017

Ava DuVernay and Netflix are teaming up again for another poignant documentary. 

First time director Sonia Lowman’s Teach Us All will examine the public education crisis in America, adding historical perspective with the Little Rock Nine, the nine Black students who were integrated into the all-white Little Rock High School in 1957.

According to Deadline, DuVernay’s ARRAY acquired the film and is expected to premiere it on Netflix. Teach Us All will also have a national screening tour with showings in Philadelphia, Bloomington and Gary, Indiana, Seattle, L.A. and Memphis.

In 2016, DuVernay teamed up with Netflix for the incredible documentary 13th, which focused on race, mass incarceration and imprisonment as a form of modern slavery.

Teach Us All will premiere Sept. 25 on Netflix.