Anita Baker Thanks Chance The Rapper For Helping To Acquire Her Masters
Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

During a recent performance, the iconic Anita Baker thanked Chance the Rapper for helping her to acquire her masters.

In a video shared on social media, Baker gave a nod to the Chicago emcee – who was also in attendance – praising him for assisting her with such a monumental task.

“You should say hello to a friend of mine by way of the music industry and by way of helping me, helping me to get a hold and ownership of my master recordings,” Baker said while pointing to Chance, who stood up as the crowd applauded.

In a series of tweets, Baker and Chance had a conversation, beginning with Chance’s response to the initial video. The Grammy Award-winning creator of Coloring Book, lauded Baker’s performance, and also highlighted her impact on the music industry.

“I saw one of THE greatest performances of my LIFETIME last night,” Chance wrote on Twitter. “Thank you so much @IAMANITABAKER for being an inspiration and an icon to so many of US.”

“Had no idea you would be in our Midst,” Baker responded. “Such a nice Surprise. Brought Tears, to my eyes. Hope Ms. Essence enjoyed her Birthday ABXO.”

Chance continued in his admiration, retweeting Baker’s post and adding: “WOW the fact that you remembered my friends name AND that it was her birthday just echoes what an INCREDIBLE PERSON you are on top of all that you’ve given artistically. Honored and blessed to call you friend miss @IAMANITABAKER.”

This news comes almost nine months after Baker revealed that she had regained control of her masters, which included a photo of her first five albums.

Chance has also had a career resurgence in recent months, dropping “Child of God” earlier this year, as well as releasing “Wraith,” and “A Bar About A Bar.” With Baker acquiring her masters, and Chance sharing new music once again, fans may have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.