Angela Simmons talks about her post baby body on The Real
courtesy of ‘The Real’

Angela Simmons stopped by The Real earlier this week and told the ladies how she managed to snap back into shape after giving birth to her son Sutton Joseph.

“You know, it goes without saying. Every day when you walked out here and when we saw you in the back…how do you look so amazing?” co-host Adrienne Bailon said. “So did you lose the baby weight so fast? How old is Sutton at this point?”

Sutton is just seven weeks old, which means Simmons managed to get back into shape incredibly fast. However, the 29-year-old revealed that the key to her post-baby body was working out throughout the pregnancy. 

“I worked out my whole pregnancy so that really helped,” the television personality said. “As soon as my doctor gave me the clearance in like two weeks to do it, I’m like okay I’m going to work out. So, I started my yoga.”

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She added that friends and family were still worried about her working out while pregnant despite the doctor’s blessing: “They were so nervous when I was going to the gym. They were like ‘why are you doing that? You’re going to kill the baby. Oh, my Gosh!'”

Despite snapping back into shape so quickly, Simmons revealed she’s not done: “I’m still working on it. I’m like a perfection freak. I’m working on it.”