How To Get Away With Murder Star Alfred Enoch Still Hasn’t Seen Himself Die
David Livingston/Getty images

Many of you know by now that How To Get Away With Murder‘s Wes is dead — spoiler alert — but at least one person hasn’t seen the explosive TV death yet.

During the hit show’s mid-season finale, we were all shocked to find out that the body removed from Annalise’s burning house was Wes, a fan favorite and star student. And though the world is talking about the surprise moment, Wes still hasn’t seen himself die.

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Actor Alfred Enoch told ESSENCE during the magazine’s annual Black Women in Hollywood event that he has yet to see his character die. “I actually haven’t seen it yet, so that’s going to be strange. I sort of don’t watch it while I’m going, so I’m going to sort of sit back now and binge watch How To Get Away With Murder, which feels kind of exciting.”

The show has since revealed who Wes’ killer is and, while we won’t spoil it, we will say it’s a shocker. 

Enoch, however, might not have as much time to catch up as he hopes. The actor is hoping to continue pursuing television roles, so fans should be ready to see the star popping up on their screens again.