After the Show: ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Recap: “We’re Not Friends”

Although power lawyer Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) works out of her house, tonight’s “We’re Not Friends” episode proved why that needs to change. Signs You Shouldn’t Have a Home Office: Number 1) After confronting your husband about why his penis is on a dead girl’s phone, you realize your assistant is downstairs. Number 2) That same assistant develops a crush on your husband because she’s in your house all the time. Number 3) The penis pic was taken in your bathroom. #evidence

Five episodes into the first season, we’ve noticed a pattern in the storytelling: start with the present, removing Sam Keating’s charred body… jump back to Annalise confronting Sam aka Mr. Darcy… find time to teach the children and take on a high-profile case… learn a bit about a student’s moral center or what’s their breaking point… return to the reality of dealing with Sam…. Back to the woods. Repeat.

Tonight’s backstory focused on Laurel (Karla Souza), who’s not as mousy as we thought. When Connor (Jack Falahee) tried calling her out about sleeping with Frank (Charlie Weber), she fired back: “Yes, I’m a cheater, and a slut and a bad person and now a murderer. Judge me if you want, but just do it while we’re carrying the damn body.” Take that hypocrite.

Speaking of hypocrites… Annalise was the other woman in Sam’s first marriage? And she was “lost, weak, broken, a mess to clean up”? And what happened to her eyebrows? Creator Peter Nowalk—who is the real Annie?!!! Of course all signs of insecurity are erased once Annalise sinks her teeth into a new case. Like tonight, when the judge threw out the use of the wife’s testimony and her son’s blog as evidence in the killing of her abusive husband, Annalise knew sending in a Trojan horse would get the evidence back in. Thanks to Laurel’s late night reading and sudden urge to win over her boss, plus Conner’s sexting coup, Annalise had enough fight in her to get a mistrial. Hell hath no fury like a woman mad at her lying, cheating (possibly murdering) husband.

Black Twitter’s #DatMurda had plenty of thoughts about tonight’s episode, but @kn_watie summed it up perfectly:


What was your favorite moment on How to Get Away with Murder?