After the Show: ‘Black-ish,’ To Spank Or Not To Spank
“We all know no one spanks anymore!” To spank or not to spank: that is the question many (not all) of us Gen-X parents are constantly asking ourselves. If I spank my child, will he/she think hitting someone is the only way to resolve conflict? Will they turn out emotionally dysfunctional and end up acting a fool on an addicitive VH1 reaility show that errbody watches? Eek! Will they morph into an abuser? Lawd! All are questions that our parent’s generation—judging from all the spankings we got—didn’t care to have answered. Tonight’s episode of black-ish tackled our many anxieties on spanking, with hilarious results, and expertise. Like, when little Jack put on layers of clothing because he thought that would lessen the pain. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of trying this trick. How about Pops bringing out the Hot Wheels track and reminding us of all the random things some of our parents used to spank us with, from extension cords (I’m a survivor!) to broom handles. A few random thoughts: “He shed that one tear like Denzel in Glory and I cried like Whoopi Goldberg in Color Purple.” I’m so here for whoever wrote tonight’s episode. Did you notice how they used the word “whop” and not “whip” tonight? Again, I’m here for the writers tonight. Aren’t grandparents supposed to save you from a whooping? Pops is totally breaking the grandpa-grandchild agreement. Raise your hand if your siblings ever took a whopping for you! *crickets* Because it probably never happened. In history! Did Andre really pick an outfit to wear to spank his son? I don’t know why “I told you to spank him, not crush his spirit” was my favorite line of the night. What was your favorite line, or moment tonight? And where do you stand on the spanking debate?    


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