After The Show: ‘Black-ish’ Covers Mother In Law Drama, Mama’s Boys and Teen Dating

Raise your hand if you’ve ever fantasized about telling your man’s mom a thing or two about herself. No judgement here. She may have even come for you first—we get it. Most women can totally relate.

On tonight’s episode of black-ish, classic momma’s boy Dre crossed quite a few lines when his mother came to town and he decided it was a good idea to treat her like the queen of the castle – right in front of “spot stealer” Bow. (For real, mom?) Secrets came out. Shade was thrown. And, little diva in training, Diane, gave great side-eye the entire time.  Oh, and only in sitcom-land is it possible to get past catching your man napping in your marital bed with his mom amidst a layer of biscuit crumbs. But, the scene had us in stitches just the same.

Even the most patient wife can and will draw her line in the sand at some point when it comes to enduring her mother-in-law in her own home. For me, that breaking point would have been the very minute mother dearest decided she knew what was best for my baby girl’s hair. I’m just saying.

As usual, Dre’s co-workers offered the best of the worst in the advice department, forcing him to handle his own mess at home. Thankfully, Dre listened up when daughter Zoey dropped some wisdom he could actually use: “You can only have one number one at a time. First it’s your mom. Then it’s your wife and then it’s the daughter you leave all your money to when you die.” Agreed!

Although wives and mothers-in-law will almost always bump heads from time-to-time, here’s to hoping their sparring matches can be at least half as entertaining as Bo and Momma Johnson’s were tonight.

Wives: Does your mother-in-law respect your position at home?

Random Thoughts:

When exactly is it “over-the-cover biscuit nap” time? Because we’re so in!

It’s never okay for a grown man to sleep with his momma.

The award for worst conversation about “separate but equal” ever goes to Dre and his office buddies.

You should never propose to a woman in the same exact spot you’ve shared a special moment with your mother. Fellas, do better!

Dirty hands Dre can never make us a sandwich. Like, ever.

Diane was working that ‘fro.

Was Zoey’s flirting advice for her little brother as smooth as she thought? The jury’s still out over here.

Momma Johnson needs some Mucinex for that cough.

No ones throws shade quite like Diane. Case closed.

Best Lines:

“I was a pig in mud eating another pig.”

“What happened to the kale salad I made for dinner? Oh, that wasn’t jumbo parsley? I used it as garnish.”

“Therapy’s just not something our people do. We have Jesus and baths!”

“Her peach cobbler is so sweet it probably made me high.”

“Dre, I don’t want you to talk to your mom about me. I want me and you to talk about your mom.”

“It was an over-the-cover biscuit nap.”

“Graze like a player; don’t linger like a pervert.”

“Hold on. Am I hearing that I got sloppy seconds on an overlook?”

“You’ve created an emotional half ‘fro.”

“Looks like I raised you an amazing husband…You’re welcome.”