Tiger Woods went from a beloved golf prodigy to a national punchline when his string of marital infidelities became public knowledge. 

The second part of the HBO Max documentary Tiger explores the downfall of the superstar athlete through his interpersonal and professional relationships. It also characterizes him as an adrenaline junkie who remained obsessed with impressing his domineering father, even after his death. 

Featuring interviews with close friends, party hostesses, his previous golf caddy and former mistresses, the documentary follows Woods as he fails to live up to the expectations placed on him and plays out his violent military fantasies. 

Players appear from various New York nightclubs, Las Vegas brothels, and national tabloids to shed light on how Woods’ desire for intimacy led to him being caught red-handed. 

The documentary is the first time that Rachel Uchitel, an infamous New York nightclub hostess who was spotted attempting to visit Woods at an Australian tournament he was playing in, has spoken out. Footage of her refusing to comment while being mocked on television and stalked by paparazzi after the scandal broke is included. In one disturbing scene she walks down the street with a steely expression as photographers scream obscenities at her and suggest she schedule tests for STIs

In 2010, Woods checked into a secluded clinic in Mississippi to receive treatment for sex addiction. He sought help after being forced to issue an apology to his supporters and losing several sponsorships when it was discovered that he had been with at least 11 women outside of his marriage. Woods also received a public scolding for his actions from the chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club that echoed the systematic racism baked into the sport’s very foundation

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