It’s been a hell of a year to be a Black woman in America. And Auntie Oprah Winfrey and our fave creative cousin Ava DuVernay did not let us down. The first season of Queen Sugarhas wrapped (tear), but we must still salute the necessary-ness of this show.

#1 All that Melanin
From the show’s opening scene with Rutina Wesley’s gorgeous skin as Nova Bordelon, the richness of this show is literal in it’s vivid representation of our beauty in all shades, shapes and textures. It’s important we see complex and soulful Black women on television, a reflection of who we are. It matters that Micah’s crush is not just round-the-bayou but also has beautiful brown skin to remind our girls they are beautiful and do not have to settle for less.
#2 Ralph Angel’s Love on Blue
 Kofi Siriboe has our whole heart (and other parts) as Ralph Angel Bordelon. His tenderness after a hard life that has not completely hardnened him is arresting. And his love and protection on his sweet and cherubic son Blue is astounding. He also speaks for generations of Black men caught in a criminal system that uses their souls as sport. “When do I get out? I did my time. When am I done?” he pleads to Aunt Vy. And our hearts melt.
#3 Hollywood Hammering on Aunt Vy’s House
In case you are still catching up, and you need to be catching up on this show if you have not, we won’t tell all the details. But Aunt Vy and Hollywood hit a dramatic rough patch in their relationship we aren’t so sure they can recover from. And Hollywood does not let her anger or their separation keep him from making sure her house is safe before the storm comes.  Love is caring about someone even when you don’t like them or they don’t like you.
#4 We Are Our Sister’s Keeper
“Be free from pain, from regret, from fear, from guilt and from heartbreak” Nova says during an energy healing session of her sister Charley. Seeing the intense relationship between the siblings and their Aunt Vy illustrates how profound our sisterhood as women can be. They may singe each other with words, but the first arms they run to in times of trouble. Charley’s honesty was the nudge Aunt Vy needed to push for her promotion at work.
#5 Remy Making His Move on Charley
Yes, good men still do exist and they are not all taken and they may show up when you least expect it. Charley Bordelon is having a hell of a year after losing her dad and her marriage collapsing in the same day. And that doesn’t stop the dependable and sexy Remy from seeing her beauty and letting his intentions to be with her be known. Yes, we get to do things that bring us joy, even if it’s not what others would want.
#6 Justice for the Bordelon Bloodline
Most of us will never come face to face with the descendants of those who enslaved our ancestors. The hair on the back of our necks raised as the Bordelon learned of there family’s bloodshed on the land they own, where their family was previously enslaved by The Landrys. We are all fighting for the legacy of those before us and to preserve what they fought for, for us.