Songs, Albums And Artists We Predict Will Be Hits In Summer 2017

You’ll hear these tracks at every BBQ and day party this summer.

Sydney Scott Jun, 06, 2017


“Slide” by Migos, Frank Ocean, Calvin Harris

“Slide” has the perfect vibe for a summer cookout or chill rooftop get together. Ocean and Migos are a wonderful pairing, providing just the right amount of cool and swag over Calvin Harris’ production.  

“Passionfruit” by Drake

The dancehall/tropical beat in many of Drake’s recent hits makes “Passionfruit” the perfect jam for the season. Your friends probably already have it on repeat, so you’re sure to hear it a lot more over the summer.

“I’m The One” by DJ Khaled

Khaled, Chance the Rapper, Quavo, Lil Wayne, and Justin Bieber?! “I’m The One” was destined to be a hit.

“Loyalty” by Kendrick Lamar ft. Rihanna


For a second it seemed as if Lamar’s “Humble” was poised to be one of the biggest songs of the summer, and it still could be. But following the release of DAMN., Lamar’s fourth studio album, it became quite clear that there were a number of hits on Lamar’s album. The current frontrunner for song of the summer? “Loyalty” with Bad Gal Riri.

Love Galore by SZA

This slow banger features Travis Scott, who’s been everywhere recently, as SZA sings about the complications of relationships and love. You’re definitely going to hear this at any BBQs, but it’ll probably feature on those long summer night playlists.

That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars

We can trust Bruno Mars to give us the hits we deserve, full of funk and energy. “That’s What I Like” is a date night track, perfect for romantic evenings and, like summer, gives the feeling that the good times will never end.


Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory

If you’ve been sleeping on Vince Staples, then it’s time to wake up. The rapper’s sophomore album is expected to drop June 23 and Staples has called the album “my Afro-futurism.” There are rumors that Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky, Gorillaz, and Flume may appear on the album, which would be insane.


With singles “Love Galore,” “Drew Barrymore,” and “Broken Clocks” already getting tons of buzz, the singer’s upcoming CTRL is set to be one of the summer’s biggest albums. Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and Isaiah Rashad

make appearances on SZA’s highly-anticipated debut studio album, which drops June 9.

2 Chainz’s Pretty Girls Like Trap Music

The rapper’s fourth album drops June 16 and he’s enlisted the help of quite a few famous friends like Nicki Minaj, Drake, Jhene Aiko, Monica, Pharrell, and more. During a chat with LA Leakers, Chainz called the album “top tier yacht music,” which sounds like the kind of summer turn up we’ve been looking for.



With their final album in the works, it’s going to be a bittersweet summer. T-Boz and Chilli will headline the I Love The 90s tour, which will kick off July 7. But it’s possible the ladies will add more dates or reveal a solo tour after the album drops.

Lil Uzi Vert

Uzi has been coy about the release of his mixtape, Luv Is Rage 2, causing some impatient fans to take extreme measures to push its release. So to say that the Philadelphia-bred artist is one of hip hop’s most anticipated new acts is an understatement.


Migos is everywhere. The rap trio has worked with Frank Ocean, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, Teyana Taylor, and recently leaked tracks with Kanye West. It’s not just summer that Migos are poised to take over, 2017 looks to be their entire year.

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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Kendrick Lamar's new song, Humble, has everyone bouncing, but some believes that video and lyrics are problematic mainly because he criticizes the use of Photoshop and says he likes quote, **** with some stretch marks. So today viewer poll is this What offends you about Kendrick's video? A, the video, B, the lyrics, or C, not a damn thing. I know how I'm voting. Use #essencelive to vote, and we'll read the results later in the show. [MUSIC] Here to talk about all the blacklash to Kendrick's Humble are Amber J. Phillips of the Black Joy Mix Tape, Christina Brown of Love Me Some Brown Sugar, and I love that Dove commercial. Thank you. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] And via Skype is Essence Live viewer Sojourner Eveline. Hey Sojourner. Hello how are you guys doing? Good welcome to the show ladies. All right so let's get started with these initial reactions. Sojourner I'm going to talk to you first. What did you think of Kendrick's song and video for Humble? Well my answer is C not a damn thing. I love me some Kendrick. I thought the visuals were amazing. That particular lyric section, I didn't see anything wrong with it. So I was very surprised to hear a lot of the backlash he was receiving. Yeah, I know. Were you guys surprised [UNKNOWN]? I was totally surprised. When I first saw the video I loved it. I thought it was so great for him to bring up a topic that we don't talk about a lot. And something that's a relevant conversation to have, that's what you're supposed to do with your art So I loved it, and I think it's great that he has opened up this conversation about women embracing who they are naturally. Right. And not feeling like they have to put on a mask in order to feel beautiful. That's what my platform is about, so I loved it. Okay, cool, cool, cool. And what were your initial thoughts? I thought the video was great, but I understood the backlash. I think It wasn't a surprise to me because Kendrick Lamar has been pushed around. How he talks about Black women, how we represents them in his videos since ever. And I think this another moment where black women saw a of Kendrick, you're there when it comes to supporting Black men and telling the story of black men from Compton and giving us anthems, however you can do a lot more when it comes to your gender analysis in the your videos as well. Christina, a lot of people said they thought Kendrick was trying to police. Women's beauty with the comments about wanting a natural woman, so what are your thoughts on that? I don't think he was trying to police anything, I think he was speaking his mind. I have been in relationships, for example, where the men would tell me that they like how I look without my makeup and with my natural hair, without all that stuff. So I know there are a lot of men out there that Feel that way. So I think he would just speak his mind, and I have to appreciate that because it takes a lot of the stress away from us. [LAUGH] I feel like we don't have to get up every single day And put on all this stuff and Photoshop it and be perfect in every social media photo, so I appreciated it. That line about the booty and the stretch marks was TMI- [LAUGH] Me too. Yeah, booty's are great. I was like, Kendrick's going to like my booty the way it is. Right. Never happened. You know, you know that. So let's talk about colorism. We spotted this Tweet from @Seeruh. I can't believe Kendrick wrote that Hotep **** song about women and put a girl in a wet and wavy wig in the video. Hm, wait. I can. Soljourner did you think the deflection of the light skin girl in the video affect your views on it. Honestly I don't because whether light skin or dark skin, at the end of the day, you're still a black woman, whether you have curly hair, whether you have kinky hair, straight hair, perm, relaxed, whatever you have, that still makes you a black woman. So I don't think that took away from the message at all actually. No. Amber, as I mentioned, the video receives a lot of backlash from feminist like yourself. Mm-hm. Do you agree with some of the points or understand why they make have taken offense to the video? I absolutely do, I think Kendrick is talking about desirability right? We are talking about who we are dating. And I think black women physically- I mean from this feminist perspective of it's not- it's still not up to Kendrick Lamar to decide what's beautiful. That black women actually have been doing that for quiet some time now. Specifically black women MC's have been talking about different types of bodies, we have Tokyo Vanity, we have a lot of black women who push forward what they want to see. And if he wants to push back against Photoshop, that actually means representing more varieties of women, not the type of women who actually isn't People are Photoshopped to look like her. Most women who are Photoshopped kind of look like me. Or Agabare Sitabe, those are the women with the pressure to fit into society and to fit into these beauty standards. And I think Kendrick Lamar. Tried, but he still made the conversation very narrow. What I liked was the social media aspect of it, because you know when you're on Instagram late at night you start seeing all these Insta models and all this stuff. It kind of starts messing with your head, but here he was kind of like ripping a band-aid if you will off something. Doesn't get to talk about, especially a celebrity or an artist of his caliber. Right. To say that out there, so. Right. Amber, we're in a new period of activism, as a feminist how do you think social media's helping or hurting I think social media, if artists like Kendrick Lamar listen it's an opportunity for him to grow. What we know is even when Beyonce started to talk about feminism, she was pushed even further to talk about black feminism. And now we have Solange, and now we have Lemonade, and Formation So I think that if Kendrick Lamar really wants to push this conversation around black women I would love to hear him speak out and call out Double XL around their freshmen class always being male MCs. And we want more representation of different types of black women In hip-hop, we need more women emcees to be talking about breaking the modes around Photo Shop and around what our bodies look like, so I call him to do that, to actually take a step back and make more room for women to talk about what they want to see. That's true. So Journer back to you, what are your friends saying about the video? [MUSIC] You know, my friends, I seem to be the lone wolf. A lot of people seem to also [LAUGH] have a lot of negative things to say. But I really just saw it as Kendrick giving his preference. And a lot of times in today's Media days and with social media like you said, scrolling on Instagram, we see so many images of women that are covered in makeup, have weave and plastic surgery, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I don't think he condemned them But I think it shows a message that says for young girls, like you said I'll accept you with your afro, tiger stripes, stretch marks, whatever you have I love and I'm here for it. So I saw it as an uplifting message. I didn't see him trying to tear down the women who do choose to wear weaves, or wear makeup or whatever the case may be. I thought it was just a positive Girl I love you just the way you are. And I loved it, I loved it. My friends maybe not so much but we'll have plenty of conversations about that. Maybe he'll be sending this video directly to Tyrese. Okay hey Kayla and I hear you had a birthday, You had a birthday? Yes! I did yesterday. Happy birthday. Thank you. So what are they saying on social media? Very vocal, lots of votes for C coming in. So we asked, what offends you about the Kendrick Lamar video? A, the video, B, the lyrics, C, not a damn thing. So lots of votes for C coming in. Sweetness Dixon says, not at all, he has the right to say what He want s to agree with the lyrics Valerie, Michaela says no problem at all it's our hashtag love, we recess I agreed what I just heard we have to learn to love ourselves just how God created us to often we try conform to an image that society says so it's okay, our children need to know they should be comfortable of who they are. We are all beautiful. Yes. People had jokes though. So [LAUGH] Arielle Marie from Twitter says, he literally had a sugar brown mama, a reference to the model in the video, with a Brazilian body wave frontal on, while he's talking about show me that kinky Afro girl, laughing with tears emoji. So some people weren't here for it. Tina Curry also wasn't here for it. She says, tired of men Saying what they're tired of. Leave women alone, if you as women wear makeup fine, if not great, doesn't matter. Yes ma'am. We asked what offends you most about Kendrick Lamar's HUMBLE and you said. 0% for A, B is 2%, be humble sit down, I clearly need my glasses. And 98% for C. Nothing, I'm with y'all 98% wins. [BLANK_AUDIO]