13 Queer Reads We’re Rushing To Add To Our Bookshelves
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Romance books used to be all about billowing white shirts on the uncomfortably swollen chests of tan men rocking awkwardly installed lace fronts. Slowly but surely, the publishing industry has come down to earth. 

Today’s books include love stories that center everyday experiences like heading to the local auto body shop, walking down your school’s hallway, or holding the hand of the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen in your life. 

Fictional authors are describing what it feels like to experience the flutters of falling in love through the lens of queer people, and non-fiction authors are penning the stories of how casual encounters can blossom into great love stories. 

Some have the dramatic flair of international incidents and major sports franchises while others are more low-key but they’re all filling us up with all the feelings this Valentine’s Day. Follow a burnt-out academic from the dance floor in Vegas to a random trip down the aisle, hear the stories of those who have been muffled, travel along for the hijinks of those who are down for a silly adventure, see how a broken-down car or a ride or the subway can switch up one’s relationship status, or saddle up next to two secret lovers who are finding a way in a sport that isn’t safe for them to love out loud.

See 13 books about queer romance we’re adding to our bookshelves below.