Something For The Whole Family! 11 Films You Need To Watch On Thanksgiving Day

After a big Thanksgiving dinner, the only thing you’ll want to do is relax with family and friends, so why not have a movie marathon? We’ve put together a list of films perfect for the holiday with something for every member of the family. From heartfelt comedies to uplifting dramas, each movie celebrates the bonds we create with those we love. 

Sydney Scott Nov, 23, 2016

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This Spike Lee film explores Black family life in Brooklyn during the 70's, the ups and downs and every day moments. A true classic.

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The quintessential film about family coming together around the dinner table.

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If you’re just having friends over for Thanksgiving, then watching the Peanuts gang throw together a special dinner for the holiday will remind you of your own friendsgiving plans.

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'Remember The Titans' is an uplifting film that explores how one football team overcame the racial prejudices separating them and created friendships that lasted longer than the season.

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'Akeelah and the Bee' is a warm story about how a community can often become the support and family you need.

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You probably spot at least one family member represented in this over-the-top family comedy.

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Family road trips can be tough and we imagine many of you are packing up the minivan and preparing for your own. While the journey might be bumpy, like Johnson Family Vacation, it will be the perfect time to reconnect.

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It may not be a holiday film, but it is a touching story about friendship and the family-like bonds people create with others.

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Based on a true story, the film looks at a homeless struggling salesman who’s trying to turn things around for himself and his son. It’s a story with a happy ending, a heartfelt film about overcoming.

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The perfect film to get the kids in your family to watch while everyone relaxes after Thanksgiving dinner.

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Returning home for Thanksgiving after some time away can be overwhelming, but 'Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins' is a reminder that no matter how long you’ve been away family will always welcomes you home with open arms.