Let’s Never Forget That This Epic Swag Surf Happened In The White House

The White House under Obama’s presidency has been the coolest we’ve ever seen it.

Remember when Obama got down to “Hotline Bling?” Or the president hosted an amazing birthday bash? Or when Michelle did the Mannequin Challenge with the Cavs?

And despite Obama’s presidency approaching its end, things are still lit at the White House.

DJ D-Nice recently posted a video of the after-party following BET’s tribute to Obama and in it, the entire crowd is swag surfing.

Yes, you read that correctly. Beautiful Black and brown people gathered in the White House’s East Room and swag surfed.

Do you think people will be swag surfing when Trump takes office? Hell no. 

It’s a bittersweet reminder of what we’re going to lose once Obama leaves office. We’ll be looping this video forever.