The potential of World War III has been in the air since the assassination of Qassem Soleimani, a top Iranian military commander who was killed in a United States air raid in Baghdad this week.

And social media—especially in the form of memes—has been one way that Black Twitter has been using humor to make sense of the fact that Iran’s expected response to the assassination could lead to war.

The memes have been hilarious to many, but no so much for one U.S. army soldier who shared his thoughts in a now viral video asking people to consider those who are and would be going to the frontlines if a war was declared.

“You gotta understand man… for somebody like me who has been here since November, in the middle of this sh****…” Instagram user Kiing_Johnson said in the now viral video. “Y’all could post a good lil meme about being positive for us or praying for us …”

“We are really going through this sh***and a lot of us might not be coming back. So a prayer or a good luck could help.”

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A man this shit ain’t no game . A lot of us might not be coming back and I been here since November.. so y’all tighten up and post sum positive or sum good lucky wishes or prayers.. everything y’all post don’t got to be funny.. 💯 ik y’all clout chasing but damn show love too💯❤️ To all the soldiers that coming over here to join us .. keep y’all head up … if you going thru sum I’m here to listen and Ima have a ear open for you … it’s all love for my brothers and sister this way ❤️ we gone make it back home safe 🤞🏾❤️

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Although it is not clear where he was filming the video, the clip implied that he might be in the Middle East or in some form of a war zone. He can be seen wearing his army uniform as he shares the message.

“My generation better tighten up sometimes,” he continued.

He also sent a message to his other military brothers and sisters who would be joining him one day.

“I salute y’all man…I’m going to be for y’all. I’ll be here with y’all.”

We salute you brother.