Twitter’s Biggest Trends In 2016

The Olympics, the election and an interactive video game were 2016’s biggest trending topics, according to Twitter trend report released last week.

In its annual look at the trends, topics and hashtags that caught our attention included #Rio2016, #Election2016 and #PokemonGo.

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Also on the list, the #BlackLivesMatter movement came in seventh, and #RIP came in ninth — a sign of the many celebrities and luminaries who passed this year like #Prince, who made it on the list of most trending artists.

Among the world’s most followed celebrities, eight out town of which were singers. Rihanna came in fourth behind the likes of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Rihanna is the only Black person on the list, and one of two women color alongside Selena Gomez.

That is not to say Black celebrities did not trend — both the aforementioned Prince and Beyoncé made the list of the most trending artists. Beyoncé shows up in other lists too. Lemonade made the top 10 lists for the most trending topic in music as well as the highest trending food of 2016 — all Queen Bey’s doing of course.

This year was also big for challenges. The #MannequinChallenge — which is finally starting to wane — #SoGoneChallenge and #RunningManChallenge all made the top three of the most viral challenges of the year.

For a complete list of Twitter’s hottest trends of the year, click here.


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