The Thirst Was Real With The Return Of #BigGuyTwitter

On Wednesday, one of Twitters greatest trends made its return, magnifying thirst levels and nearly causing a national crisis. Yes, #BigGuyTwitter is back and we couldn’t be happier.

What is #BigGuyTwitter? Well, its exactly what it sounds like. Big sexy men share selfies and photos and flex on everybody, setting thirst traps that we’re all very willing to fall for. It’s a celebration of big men.

“Now, ESSENCE,” you might be saying, “please do better, you should be ashamed.” Ashamed? Ashamed of loving all the beautiful big men that #BigGuyTwitter has to offer? Please.

You mean to tell us that you didn’t immediately clutch your pearls when you saw this wholesome young man appear on your timeline.

Don’t pretend you didn’t damn near faint at the sight of this grown and sexy man. 

Or my guy here rocking a Maxine Shaw tee. 

Thank you, #BigGuyTwitter.

Thank you, Brad.

Bless you, Brandon, for singlehandedly restoring my faith in Twitter. 

Seriously, we never knew what it was like to be severely dehydrated until now. 

Like, someone grab some water ASAP!

And, who’s man is this? MY GAWD. 

Yes, #BigGuyTwitter left many of us thirsty and the reactions, as usual, were classic.

So, this goes out to all the big men on Twitter and around the world, we see you and we are here to thirst after you any day of the week. 

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