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[MUSIC] I've always had this thing about my legs. Being from Texas, you know, they say everything is bigger in Texas and I know the girl's body types their shapes. They've always had voluptuous bodies. Thighs, **** and all this stuff like that and I didn't have it so I felt like I didn't fit in and I was very very insecure about my legs. I thought that they were too skinny and I would never show them. You can trace back to all, even the Destiny's Child covers, videos, I just would never show my legs ever. I was always the girl in the pants. I just didn't like them and finally I had this moment, and this person in a wheelchair Rolled by me and at that moment its almost like God turned my eyes to see that and I was like yo, how dare me me not love the woman that I am, the way God built me? And from that moment on I decided no more, no more of this, no more beating yourself up. Just because you don't look like everybody else, God made you you. You're fine, you're fine just the way you are. And now it's one of the features that I love most about myself, [LAUGH] you know? I'm just fine the way I am. [MUSIC]
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