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[MUSIC] My name is Tamika Mallory some call me a civil rights leader, others say I'm an activist. I think the thing that I'm probably the most proud of is being the mom of an 18 year old black boy. His father was murdered when my son was just two years old. The main thing was that I know my son could be the next one. And, the only thing that I can think of is that I have to fight like hell. I've been ever committed for over 16 years of my life to civil rights work. Wherever I can lend a few dollars to people who are doing grassroots work, I try to be present, and I encourage other people to do the same. I think that the grassroots movement In it. Are the most critical component of all the work we're doing. So there are a lot of people who say, how can I get involved in that. The person who's an accountant, can actually show up and donate 2 hours a week. The person who may be a mental health expert can go in and dedicate. Time to talk with mothers who have lost their children or to help mediate situations. Because that leads you to other things. So then you start getting on the mailing list. And they send you information about events that are coming up or other ways that you can be involved. Those small things start the bigger things. And we all have to work together. [MUSIC]

Tamika Mallory is here to show you that the key to making a difference is simply being present.

Along with My Black is Beautiful, this civil rights activist, leader and mom believes that the grassroots movement is where you can truly become an agent of change—it’s the small things that you can do in your daily life that slowly build to make a big impact.

Check out our discussion with Tamika as she shares tips for how you can get involved and engage with #MyBlackisBeautiful.

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