NYPD And Brooklyn Public School Students Use #Mannequinchallenge To Tackle Bullying

NYPD officers and the Brooklyn public school system are using the ever-popular mannequin challenge as an anti-bullying campaign.

The challenge maybe on its last legs, but it’s still popular. About 200 students from P.S./I.S. 323 in Brownsville and NYPD officers from the 73rd Precinct created their own viral video, released Wednesday.

Take a stand with us, cops and kids alike, with a pledge to combat bullying and never stay silent,” Assistant Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, the commanding officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn North said in his tweet.

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Their version of the challenge begins with students appearing to tease each other. As the camera moves further along, the type of bullying escalates to the point that police officers have to get involved.

By the end of the video, you see students holding signs against bullying with the last sign reading, “Different is good.”

The mannequin challenge requires a group of people to pose and stay completely still—a la mannequins—to create a scene, while a person with a camera weaves through it to catch every aspect of it. The more creative, the better.


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