#MyWhitePrivilege Trends On Twitter As White People Reveal Some Of The Things They Can Get Away With
Andrew Burton—Getty Images
The hashtag #MyWhitePrivilege briefly became a trending topic on Saturday, at first becoming a space for white people to admit the ways in which the color of their skin has benefitted them…before the conversation devolved into something else! The hashtag started after Twitter user @FreeYourMindKid asked white people to share the most “outrageous thing that you’ve gotten away with as a white person that you know damn well a black or brown person would have never gotten away with…” He then asked them to caption their responses #MyWhitePrivilege. Here were some of them: Although many were open to sharing their stories, the hashtag quickly devolved as right-wing conservatives used the opportunity to clown the very idea of White Privilege. Were you surprised by some of the tweet confession you read on the #MyWhitePrivilege hashtag?


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