Astrologer Mecca Woods Has Created The Perfect Star-Inspired Guide To Life
In recent years, the buzz around astrology has become a roar. You can’t log onto social media without seeing some sort of hilarious astrological meme and nearly every online publication posts daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes. In an article from Julie Beck for The Atlantic, Beck noted that “people tend to turn to astrology in times of stress,” pointing to a 1982 study linking stress and astrology. We are surely living in stressful times. Thankfully, astrologer Mecca Woods has created a guide that can help. Released this week, Woods’ Astrology For Happiness And Success: From Aries To Pisces, Create The Life You Want—Based On Your Astrological Sign is a sort of self-help book that turns to the star for guidance. Covering career, wellness, love, and even ways to deal with anxiety, stress, and disappointment, the Brooklyn-based astrologer has constructed a guide that even skeptics can find useful. Each chapter, broken down by sign, features journal prompts, daily affirmations, ways to “wow with color,” and a list of scents that will make you feel confident and powerful. “It was about 8 or 9 years ago when I was feeling very stuck and frustrated in both my career and my love life. I turned to an astrology book about love, needing answers about a relationship I was in and ended up getting a reading with the author of the book,” Woods told ESSENCE when asked about her journey to becoming one of the internet’s favorite astrologers. “I felt empowered by that reading. I saw that there were so many levels to this ancient practice and I was hooked from that moment on. I started reading everything astrology-related that I could get my hands on.” Everyone who enjoys astrology comes to it in their own way, often using it as a way to empower their decisions or find confidence in a doubtful moment. “I like to think of astrology as a tool. A tool for self-empowerment and self-improvement. Astrology shows us how to better navigate life’s challenges and the things we can’t control as well as how to identify and make the most of an opportunity,” Woods said. “I like to use astrology for everything from picking the right date for an event to knowing when to lay low and chill because something stressful might be coming up. For day-to-day stuff, I’d encourage people to use it the same way.”
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Astrology For Happiness And Success is a beginner-friendly guide for anyone looking to dip their toe into astrology and thorough enough for fans of the practice who already know the basics. And, if you’re looking to dive in after picking up Woods’ book, the astrologer notes a few key places to start. “I always encourage people to get a copy of their birth charts and to get a reading with a professional astrologer. There are some wonderful Black women astrologers like Janelle Belgrave of, Dayna Lynn Nuckolls of, and Ashleigh D. Johnson of that are each doing some great work when it comes to helping Black women better understand themselves and astrology.” She added, “There’s also other Black astrologers like Samuel F Reynolds ( and Jason Fleming (, both of whom I look up to, especially back when I first started studying astrology. There were also beginner-level books like Astrology for Yourself and Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain that helped me early on when I was doing solo-study. But it wasn’t until I started studying under astrologer Rebecca Gordon of that I began my career track in astrology.” Navigating life, especially during times like these can be tough, but sometimes you just need to look to the stars for a little help. You can order a copy of Astrology For Happiness And Success: From Aries To Pisces, Create The Life You Want—Based On Your Astrological Sign on Amazon.


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