This Little Boy Dancing To ‘Wild Thoughts’ Is Basically All Of Us
Travon Free‏/Twitter

It’s Thursday, which mean the weekend is right around the corner and a little rest and relaxation is on the to-do list. But, if you’re having a bad week and you’re seconds away from freaking out, let this video of a little boy dancing to “Wild Thoughts” brighten your day.

Now, we don’t know whose child this is, but your boy has moves. He starts strong, standing in the front seat, vibing out. But, soon he takes things from lit to extra lit by jumping out of the car and getting fully turnt.

The “Oh, where you goin’, baby?” from the person in the driver’s seat really sells it too as the little boy sways and dances.

Really, there’s nothing like a little black boy joy to brighten up anyone’s day and if this doesn’t do it for you, then nothing will.

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