The Internet Goes Ga-Ga As Barack Obama Shows Ever More Skin With His Unbuttoned Shirts
Fotogramma / Splash News

This article originally appeared on People.

When Barack Obama‘s neckline goes low, the Internet gets high.

The former president has favored a more relaxed style since leaving office in January, and fans can’t help but notice that he seems to be loosening up his buttons a little more with every passing appearance.

On Tuesday, Obama held court at the Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan, Italy, where he defended the Paris climate accord. But over on Twitter, many eyes were on the former president’s “deeply unbuttoned” shirt.

CNN‘s Hunter Schwartz speculated that Obama may have even gone “three-buttons deep” for the occasion.

And Cam Wolf of Racked wrote that the president was “strip-teasing at a snail’s pace on his way to street style stardom.”

Here’s what others are saying on Twitter:

And after news of President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey sent shockwaves through the political world on Tuesday evening, at least one person yearned for the simpler times of Obama’s unbuttoned shirt.

Tweeted Blake Hounshell, the editor in chief of Politico Magazine: “Obama’s unbuttoned shirt seems like a lifetime ago.”