GLAAD Ambassadors Talk Black And Queer Identities In New Black History Month Video

GLAAD ambassadors are celebrating Black History Month by sharing their experiences and what it means to be Black and queer. 

In a clip from GLAAD, students from various universities celebrate their Black and queer identities with stories of people and moments that resonated with them. 

“Everything I do I’m bringing my Black,” Evergreen State College student Jonathan Leggette says in the video. “The idea that, oh I’m just not Black right now I’m not going to claim it, no I have to claim it because I was given it. It’s a gift.”

GLAAD’s Campus Ambassador Program sees young LGBTQ advocates celebrating the diverse voice of the LGBTQ community. Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President and CEO said in a statement, “With an administration constantly attacking the LGBTQ community, it’s crucial to provide support and resources to queer youth. GLAAD’s Campus Ambassador Program does just that by amplifying their stories and impactful work to advance acceptance of LGBTQ people.”

Accelerating Acceptance reports that 20 percent of millennials identify as LGBTQ. In the last year, GLAAD ambassadors have a launched campaigns against cybercrime targeting LGBTQ youth and fought against anti-LGBTQ issues on campuses across the country.

“My journey into who I am and embracing my queerness and my Blackness is knowing that there are Black queer heroes,” Clark Atlanta University student Savannah Green adds. “There are prominent figures that I can look to. I can look at Marsha P. Johnson and say, ‘Yes! I know we can achieve something. I know we have power.’ And, that’s amazing. That’s everything for me.”