Teen Who Created ‘On Fleek’ Talks About Her GoFundMe Page For Cosmetics Line

Kayla Lewis, the Fayetteville, GA teen who created a word so popular Merriam-Webster had it on their “Words We’re Watching” list, is now hoping for financial recognition. 

Lewis, also known as Peaches Monroee, gained notoriety from her 2014 “eyebrows on fleek” Vine that became a global phenomenon. In addition to major brands like Taco Bell using the phrase, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian West solidified its place in pop culture.

Despite its popularity, Lewis never received a dime from the use of the word. And because of that she has now created a GoFundMe page to launch Peaches Cosmetics and Hair Line.

“What prompted me to start the GoFundMe page now was that my followers have been very encouraging and behind me all the way,” she told ESSENCE. “People are still using ‘fleek’ or ‘eyebrows on fleek’… I figured I still had a chance to make something out of it. And people were telling me to start something with cosmetics since you are talking about your eyebrows.”

Adding, “From what my followers have been telling me, they never paid attention to their eyebrows. So for me to come out with that video changed everything.”

And social media has rallied behind her.



When asked about her interest in beauty, she reflected on her needs as a woman of color.

“The type of cosmetic line I hope to create is something that will work well on sensitive skin like mine and that is multi-cultural. Basically a quality, diverse product that won’t hurt the pocket of a struggling college student like myself.”