Dream Defenders Launch New Activism Apparel Line
Dream Defenders
The Dream Defenders are bringing their message of activism and cultural awareness to life with a new apparel line. Launched earlier this week, the Rebel Threads clothing line targets young people of color who seek to share their activism through fashion. “T-shirts have always been a part of Dream Defenders culture that we really love,” Dream Defenders Communications And Culture Director Steven Pargett said in a statement. “We wanted to create something that would help our organization be more sustainable so that we can better support our communities.” The Dream Defenders organization has been a leading force in the Movement For Black Lives since 2012 and their belief in combining art and culture with activism has helped give young people a voice in the movement like no other. The new Rebel Threads line comes right on time, as millions across the country continue to struggle with what the future may hold in the wake of a looming Donald Trump presidency. “After this election, what the future holds is up to us,” Pargett said.  “This is a perfect time for us to create something new to share our messages with the world, but that will also give our supporters an exciting new way to be involved with us and with the movement for freedom and equity for people of color.” Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. The Rebel Threads online store launched on Nov. 21 with the pre-sale of a t-shirt commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party, which features the popular Dream Defenders “Free” design with a Black Panther draped over the top. The Dream Defenders team was proud to use the launch of the new line to honor the history of the Black Panther organization.

Dream Defenders

Rebel Threads

“We believe it’s only fitting to launch this revolutionary apparel line by honoring the Black Panther Party, an organization that taught generations of people how to push back against oppressive, racist systems”, said Dream Defenders Co-Director Rachel Gilmer said. “Now, more than ever, we need people who are ready to stand on the front lines in the fight for justice and liberation, and we want them to do it wearing a Rebel Threads shirt.” For more information on the Rebel Threads line, including how you can add some of their apparel to your closet and take advantage of their Black Friday sale, visit their official website here.


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